Kemi Nekvapil is an executive and personal coach, speaker and author who has worked in the wellness industry for more than 23 years. As an international coach and key-note speaker Kemi facilitates programs and speaks for organisations such as Price Waterhouse Cooper, Lululemon Athletica and Dermalogica, and as a writer, she is a regular columnist for the Australian Education Union and Business Chicks and a former columnist for SBSLife. Kemi is the author of Raw Beauty and The Gift Of Asking and is a regular media commentator on women’s well-being and empowerment, solopreneurship and creative business. Kemi is a mother of two, a wife, an endurance athlete, a hiker, a passionate gardener and lover of really, really good food.

Is there anything more important for a woman in life than to own and stand in her power and use that to create a life that is sovereign, strong and in service?  My amazing guest today on The Priestess Podcast, Kemi Nekvapil, would likely say there isn’t because so much of our joy and conscious achievements in life stem directly from our relationship with power and how willing we are to claim it for ourselves.

In this episode Kemi serves up her special magic that has come from decades of working in the wellness and personal development industries and why she believes that it’s time – more than time – for women to change their relationship to power both individually and collectively. To do it for themselves and all other women around them in example and inspiration of what it can truly mean, look like and feel like to be the sovereign Queen of our own lives.