You know you are here to share your soul gifts and heart magic in a way that makes a lasting impact on the world.

Our work together helps you – as one of this beautiful planet’s helpers – do that.

Your ‘work’ requires so much of you.
So much more than your time, effort and organisation.
So much more than that.

I see you.
I see your love.
I see you love.
I see you.

Julie Parker

And if it’s one thing…

I have become acutely aware of in my now 25 years of psychotherapy and 19 years of coaching, it’s this-


The mental and emotional health – and soul wellbeing – of business owners, sacred leaders and space holders is not receiving the love, support and attention it deserves.


  • The hidden stress of launches.
  • The seeking of clients.
  • The pull to be ‘on’ all the time.
  • The dance between necessary privacy and vulnerable authenticity.
  • The eternal seeking of community and connection.
  • The money.
  • The f**king tech.
  • The sleepless nights.
  • The wondering if it’s all worth it.
  • The freedom that doesn’t feel so much like freedom.
  • The anxious grip of trying to both control everything and longing to surrender.
Julie Parker

For sacred leaders and space holders, this friction lives in the layers that mindset work alone can’t quite touch.

Because the truth is, as you and your business expand – you will inevitably meet your edges.

Edges that at times can feel and frayed and loosening, or tight and ill-fitting.

And as you hold space as a pillar of strength and inspiration to others, you might start to question: who is that for me?

Who sees both my strength and my needs as I hold others?

How can I resource myself so I can show up deeply and get better and better at my craft and ways of being in service to others?

Or simply how can I be more ‘me in ways that feel joyous, sustainable, sacred and belonging in my soul work?


As a mentor, counsellor, coach, supervisor and guide, I am a hybrid haven and potent catalyst for your highest vision, work and sacred self.


I am here to see you for all you are. And all you are becoming.

I know that as you explore the sacredness of your soul’s evolution as a space holder and sacred leader you long to be known for:

✶ Your deep space holding skills
✶ The magical work and journeying your clients experience with you
✶ A business that makes a true and lasting impact
✶ Your inspirational voice for issues you are passionate about
✶ Being a sacred leader who inspires and leads through who you are


I help you identify the illusions and obstacles that stand in the way of your longings. Longings that are – at their essence – your love and legacy.

And let it be known… I am unafraid of your illusions, obstacles and ‘mess’ because I am unafraid of mine. (In case you were wondering, worrying, or had a less than stellar experience with this in the past.)

My clients are world-renowned coaches, creatives, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, artists, digital creators, spirit seekers and pioneering sacred leaders.

Steeped in integrity and generosity, sovereignty and soul, joy and humility, sacredness and fire.

Guided by a profound desire to deeply know their soul gifts.
Here to do work that matters.

As we have journeyed together, they have:
✶ Started, grown, expanded into and scaled six and seven figure businesses
✶ Birthed best-selling books
✶ Created life changing e-courses, retreats and client experiences
✶ Delivered TEDx talks
✶ Inspired millions through their podcasts, content creation and online presence…

And just as importantly:

✶ Discovered and aligned deeply with their life and business values
✶ Brought forth their gifts into the tangible every day
✶ Overcome fears, excuses and smallness to grow in a confident expansiveness they’ve always longed for
✶ Challenged systems and uprooted internalised oppression as a force for their own and others’ good
✶ Found lasting ways to address long held trauma responses and unresolved grief
✶ Healed or let go of relationships that no longer serve
✶ Harnessed the power of their boundaries and sovereignty
✶ Set themselves on the mastery path of what it is they do
✶ And at every step, considered how the impact of their work is contributing to the world they consciously want to see as a daily reality.

For us all. Their work is for us all. YOUR work is for us all.
And in service to your clarity, wildness, tenderness, brilliance and love…
It would be an honour to partner with you.


Our mentoring and coaching together is at the heart a journey home to yourself.

It is work for…
Healers. Guides. Coaches. Mystics. Counsellors. Consultants. Facilitators. Wayshowers. Priestesses. Space Holders. Educators. Leaders.

Julie Parker

And it is bespoke. Because you are.

You will come to not just know your values but live them.

You will deeply root into the intelligence and energy of your heart as wisdom and your soul as desire.

You will discern and lusciously craft ways of being and knowing that integrate your shine and shadow. With deep respect for both.

You will become more curious, playful, compassionate and strong as a space holder than you ever have been.

You will expand your capacity.

You will come to know you are enough.

You will bring forth the vision for your most sacred and aligned business.


What You Can Expect

I’ve been called a “Self-help guru” – “Fairy Godmother with a coaches wand” – “Australia’s leading life coach” and “A space holder, mentor and coach who firmly holds her place amongst the best on the planet.”

You can expect that we will…

✶ Have deeply clarifying conversations
✶ Tap into the intelligence of your heart
✶ Smile and deepen into your aha moments
✶ Shed and release outdated patterns of belief

✶ Create aligned actions for your path forward
✶ Laugh
✶ Sit in both the mystery and clarity of your soul’s
longings as a space holder and business owner.

You can expect that we will…

✶ Call upon the wisdom of your higher council and ancestors
✶ Enter the realms of liminal space and cosmic energy
✶ Lovingly work with your inner child
✶ Pray or meditate together

✶ Discover your own version of empowered embodiment
✶ Play and explore with oracle cards and messages
✶ Cry cleansing heartfelt tears as you become the most
longed for version of yourself.


I am here to guide your soul’s magic to life – creating the conditions for you to become the exquisitely confident space holder and expansive, expressed and deeply nourished business owner – you know you’re here to be.


My heart sees you and is in service to you as you do.


Ways we
create magic

Julie Parker

SHINE Session


An illumination of what is pressing on your heart and desiring to be seen. And moved. Let’s open the gateway to your next big leap.


A session (and then some) with clarity, momentum, reflection and validation. For whatever you’re longing to take action on N O W with soul guidance, witnessing, and a plan forward for. Oh yes. That too.



  • In-Depth Questionnaire
  • 60 Minute Session
  • 2 Weeks Voxer Support
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Session

Before our session together you will dive into a questionnaire that has been lovingly crafted to bring forth your deepest longings. I will revel at what you are bringing forth in the world and feel into the energy and power of where you are right now and where you are longing to go.


I will know – from what you say and may not say – where we begin. We will then shine a beautifully illuminating light on everything you need to create a path forward in a soul sustainable way.


Expect insightful energy, sword-like clarity and electric momentum.
From these sessions multi-million dollar businesses, book drafts, Tedx talks, award winning e-courses, new websites and entirely new life directions have come forth.






Julie Parker
SOUL mentoring


Bespoke mentoring, coaching, counselling, consulting, (whatever your soul longs for and needs), over 3 – 6 months of life changing evolution.


You’re Ready.
✶ Ready to rise into the sacred leader and space holder you’ve always longed to be
✶ Ready to maximise your impact, capacity, grace and service
✶ Ready to go to the places within you that have been crying for your love for so long
✶ Ready to be held, seen, witnessed for all you are right now and all you long to be.


You’re excited at the thought of taking the next steps in your soul’s evolution. And it’s bringing up #allthefeels. A potent mix of excited, willing, able, and maybe a little scared too.


Above all else you know it’s your time. Time to go within, heal, release, deepen, rise, leap, pivot, expand, reach, evolve. And for all the stretchy challenges, illuminating a’ha’s, dark moments, glorious insights and seismic leaps forward, you want a steady, loving, experienced witness to honour your journey. And the magic you create.


I see you divine space holder and sacred leader. And I’ve got you.



  • In-Depth Questionnaire
  • 60 Minute Session
  • Voxer Support
  • Untold Sacred Surprises

Together we will create a potent cauldron of your honesty, vulnerability, soul longings and action – with my loving witness, unshakeable faith, catalytic strategy and devoted experience.


Heart meets art. Soul meets strategy. Grace meets grit. Determination meets devotion.


To all you are right now in this very moment – and all you are becoming.




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