Priestess is a spiritual guide and companion that will inspire you to explore what it means to be a modern spiritual leader and priestess in today’s world. No matter whether you identify as a priestess now, are excitingly exploring your possibilities as one, or are simply curious about your calling in life as a spiritual being, Priestess will inspire you to fall in love with your healing, the Goddess, your cyclic nature and beauty, Mother Earth, true sisterhood, and your capacity to meaningfully touch the lives of those around you. 

A sacred leader lives within you.

Priestess is your loving call to heart fuelled action to step into the world as one, where the magic only your sacred leadership can bring to us all can be known.  


“THE sacred leadership guidebook for the modern priestess!”

Dr. Ezzie Spencer

Bestselling author of the book and journal Lunar Abundance, and creator of

A rare book filled with ancient wisdom and modern teachings that is so needed in the world today. A guidebook for spiritual leaders and those wishing to evolve into one, Priestess teaches us to not only find the sacred path for ourselves, but to light that path in an inclusive way for everyone, as our sacred duty”

Megan Dalla-Camina

Author of Simple Soulful Sacred

“Never have I read a book that makes me feel so validated, seen and understood as a modern-day priestess. Julie Parker’s Priestess is not only a practical guide, it’s also a balm for the soul.”

Jolinda Johnson

Women’s health coach

“This is a divine book you won’t want to put down, and a must-have companion for your spiritual journey.”

Rachel MacDonald

Business coach and writer

“The personal knowledge shared, researched history, and modern-day actions you are guided to journey with through Priestess will expand your heart, mind, body and soul in ways you’ve never explored before. The pages of Priestess will captivate you from the moment you open the book.”

Tracey Pattison

Priestess to Mother Earth, intuitive food consultant, coach for womxn and recipe creatrix for bestselling cookbooks

“With strong hand, supple heart and all-seeing eyes, Julie takes us beyond the over-trodden land of “love and light” into the dark and cool labyrinthian land of power, sisterhood, justice, reverence. This book is a reclamation and a reckoning.”

Tanya Geisler

Leadership coach

“Priestess is the transformational book you didn’t know you needed – until now!”

Michaela Rosandich

Cycle superpowers coach at Empress Crow and Rabbit


This beautiful book calls upon the ancient wisdom of women leaders of the past to show how their magic and spiritual practices can ignite and inspire priestesses today, as they embrace their soul gifts as the guides, coaches, teachers, mystics, life seekers and sacred leaders they are.

leavesArtboard 4Julie Parker

Allow award winning sacred business leader, coach, speaker, podcaster, temple space holder and priestess Julie Parker to take you on a journey of self-love and spiritual guidance as she shares her own path to becoming a priestess, and her deep desire to see women fully (re)claim their place as the spiritual leaders the world needs most right now.

“The priestess in me did heart leaps as I dove into the pages of Priestess. This is a must-read book for every womxn alive today.”

Sharyn Holmes

Founder of Gutsy Girl and Formidable Voices

“This is a book you’ll keep coming back to and one to gift to every woman you know who’s on her spiritual path.”

Sammie Fleming

Life coach and sacred circle facilitator

“This is a palimpsest where underneath the words is a sacred manuscript that has energetically been weaved in to help you remember who you are. Allow Priestess to help you track the history of others that have come before you. Allow Priestess to be the portal into your temple space where you become the Modern Priestess owning your medicine and mastering your craft. The time is now.”

Sora Surya No

Business coach, co-founder of priestess temple school, sacred business collective and host of Sora TV

“Spirituality with substance! Rich in research this book is sure to resonate with those lucky enough to be drawn to all things Priestess.”

Emma Mildon

Bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess


“Julie Parker has a unique gift of making you feel truly seen, heard and loved in her presence, and that’s exactly how it feels reading this book. Priestess is more than a book, it’s a call to action.”

Jade Head

Priestess and holistic health and life coach
and Evolution of Goddess


“Priestess is a must read for awakening women everywhere. You will have tears of remembrance and delight in knowing that everything you have once felt is real and so beautifully powerful.”

Tracey Spencer

Founder of Lightworkers Academy, author of Rock Your Light: Lessons for Lightworkers and Spiritual Straight Talk to Make Shit Happen


“This work is the warmest of invitations to remember the sacred leader you are and the sacred gifts you embody every day, for which the world hungers.”

Grace Funk

Founder of Priestess Your Life


“Julie’s Priestess is a gentle initiation into a world of sovereignty, homecoming, leadership, sacred living and inner wisdom. Julie effortlessly weaves together the modern and the ancient, the practical and the magical, bringing us closer to who we really are.”

Bronwyn Stange

Founder of Bopo Women


The Author


Julie Parker is the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains heart centered people to become life coaches. As the Co-Founder of Priestess Temple School, a global movement devoted to uplifting modern day Priestesses as they explore sacred leadership and service in the 21st century, Julie is committed to contributing to a world where presence, healing and social justice are honoured. She has trained with High Priestesses and Modern Day Mystery Schools from all over the world.

Julie has inspired thousands of people as an in demand speaker, sacred circle holder, priestess and flower essence practitioner, and is the recipient of numerous leadership and women’s awards. Host of the top ranking Priestess Podcast, Julie has interviewed some of the world’s great spiritual thought leaders and has a committed spiritual practice that honours her Celtic lineage, connection to the Great Mother and self.

Julie lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, stepdaughter, and two much loved adopted cats.

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“Julie’s book is so important for now. Julie is a modern-day priestess, a dear Sister of the ‘Clan of Encouragement’ and a welcome role model for feminine leadership. Julie ‘walks her talk’. Her book serves as an informative educational work to enable the necessary reclaiming of women’s spirituality. It is both a calling and a call to action.”

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft

“Priestess is a coming home, an embodiment, a deep remembering of the sovereign feminine within.”

Madison Morrigan

Life coach

“Julie Parker has gifted us with a highly personal and intuitive book that does more than teach us about women spiritual guides of the past and their wisdom, divinity, and heart opening experiences. It also can inspire us to connect with our own power and to the truth of who we are by remembering that our true calling can ignite our spiritual growth and allow us to reclaim our feminine healing gifts.”

Myriam Llano

Founder of Divine Renewal

“The modern-day companion for all heart-centered leaders and connection seekers.”

Johanna Parker

Founder of Heart Sparks

“This book is a call to action, a torch to our shadows, permission to be, and an illumination of why this work is so important.”

Rebecca Coldicutt

Founder of Rebel Starseeds

“This is a wonderful book to challenge, inform and lovingly hold space for you to ignite your inner priestess.”

Melissa Jeffcott

Certified life coach and sacred space holder

“I devoured Julie’s Priestess book, soaking in all the ancient wisdom gathered together with such reverence. These pages are glorious, brimming with sacred feminine GOLD! ”

Loren Honey

Intuitive life coach, sacred circle facilitator and energy worker


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