Willow Rising is an intuitive energy guide for the highly sensitive women-identifying people. By helping her clients live in harmony with their energetic design, she helps them live clear, confident, empowered lives. Willow holds space for those moving through major life rebirths, who are seeking to finally connect with their soul purpose and life mission. Through all she does, she aims to equip her clients with tools to return to their inner power, in harmony with their truth.

Human Design. It’s quite hot right now! And if you’ve not heard very much about it, I have a feeling that may be about to change as it continues to ignite and inspire people throughout the world on in their lives and spiritual paths. My guest today on The Priestess Podcast is Willow Rising, and she is passionate about Human Design and in particular how supportive it can be for those people who identify as highly sensitive. Human Design is certainly not however just for highly sensitive people. It is something that via your natal chart can provide you with an inspiring opening and pathway to the ownership of your soul gifts. And I’m sure we can all agree that’s a wonderful opening for any of us to dive into.