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Tracy Neely is an Intuitive Healer, Seer and Soul Priestess. Tracy supports soulful womxn entrepreneurs to expand into the fullest embodiment of their light & leadership by alchemizing their wounds into their wisdom so they show up powerfully in their brilliance creating an impact with their soul work. Tracy’s work expands the hearts and minds of her clients to go beyond what they think they need into what their soul is here to fully express. Through breathwork, energy medicine, and intuitive life coaching, Tracy’s clients elevate into the fullest expression of their soul’s wisdom.

You have likely heard me say more than once on The Priestess Podcast that our shadow, fears and ego self have so much to teach us as human beings and are not things to push away or deny. They only grow in ways that can make them even harder to face when we do that! And I speak from experience – which maybe you can relate to as well. Tracy Neely is here with us on the show today to speak to how our wounds – and in particular our emotional wounds – can be a pathway of transformation for us into wisdom we hold deeply within and is calling to be loved and integrated into our everyday life. Tracy has a beautifully spiritual and very grounded way of helping us look at the darker parts of ourselves and how we can honour them in such a way that they become teachers, guides and wayshowers in our lives. This is a special episode that shows us so deeply that all of our life experiences can have lessons within them that are waiting for us to become wiser through.