Tracey Pattison is a divine nourishment priestess, teacher, healer and connector of community through food and cooking. Her guiding Goddess is Mother Earth and she considers the kitchen to be the soul of her home where food and cooking are experienced as sacred practice and the ultimate gift of self‐love. As a food positive mentor Tracey guides women‐identified people from self‐limiting patriarchal food beliefs and traumas back into a sacred space of divine nourishment. Tracey is also a recipe creatress and for more than 20 years she’s had a food publishing business creating thousands of recipes for best‐selling publications and cookbooks for authors.

Today’s episode of The Priestess Podcast is delicious – and you may just want to have some of your most favourite foods on hand to enjoy while you listen in. My guest Tracey Pattison has a 25 year history of recipe creation for some of the world’s top chefs. She is passionate about seasonal living and eating, nourishing yourself, and being a sovereign, empowered queen in your own kitchen and how you priestess your plate and body. Tracey is also deeply committed to readdressing patriarchal and capitalist imbalances when it comes to the industrialization and commodification of food, and the returning to ‘home’ whatever that may look like for each of us when it comes to the tending to and nourishment of our own souls.