Hey there amazing woman – business owner – trailblazer – creative

You’re all these things.

And then some.

And then some more.

We see you.

  • You’re finding your entrepreneurial feet and what it means to give your all to your dream
  • You’re juggling the worlds of social media, content creation and sharing your authentic voice
  • You’re challenging yourself to meet new people and develop meaningful relationships that can help you grow your business and connect in sisterhood
  • You’re working on your boundaries, feeling amazing about marketing, keeping comparison at bay and doing it YOUR way
  • And yes, you’re dreaming of what it means to be truly seen in a much MUCH bigger way so that you can attract the clients and sales that you know you can serve so well

Welcome to The Sovereign Collective.

Not only do we see you – we were you – are you – and admire you.

And you’re in the right place.


We’re also raw chocolate lovers, tea aficionados, mums, world travellers, wives, survivors, nature lovers, believers in sisterhood and friends.  We challenge each other, lift each other up and laugh together ALL the time.

Most of all we are here in service to you and your big business dream and life.

To mentor you, coach you, guide you and inspire you in The Sovereign Collective.

The Sovereign Collective is a year long deeply immersive and beautiful experience designed to help take your business dream to the next level.

You will receive coaching, mentoring, consulting and deeply personal support from both Kemi and Julie. That’s a whole lot of business experience and expertise in YOUR corner.

And we’re going old school. No facebook group or online portal. No more passwords to remember or logins to wrangle with.  Think small, intimate, boutique, high touch and high love.

For 20 women only.

Enrolment Closed

This is in person. Live. Up close and personal. Making new business friends and sisterhood connections while you grow in your own power and purpose as a female entrepreneur – with a cuppa in hand and Kemi and Julie right there with you.

Growth, challenge, expansion all a given.

And so yes – we see you. We absolutely see you. And we will then see you some more.

(Maybe even those parts of you that you don’t want us to – but really hope we will – because that’s where the growth and good stuff is right? Right.)


The Sovereign Collective is for you.

The inspiring and imaginative, creative and courageous woman who is FINALLY ready to and make 2019 THE YEAR you create the foundation of lasting success in your business.

There will be…


Four One Day Workshops (at the beautiful Windsor Workshop, Melbourne), where Kemi and Julie will deliver their business guidance and expertise to you, pop you in the hot seat for some live coaching, (you’ll be amazed at the breakthroughs you can have in just a few minutes), and there will be group work with other incredible business women so you can soulfully journal, write and action your way into the big changes and shifts you know you need to create to take your business to the next level.

These are heart based touchstones for every quarter in your business over an entire year.  

Imagine that?

The momentum. The creativity. The impetus. The ACTION. The SUPPORT.

There will also be…


Quarterly live group calls with Kemi and Julie – more coaching, more sharing, more expertise, more learning and more breakthroughs.

All from the comfort of your own home. Want a glass of red or green smoothie in your hand while you chat to us in your pj’s? You know what to do!


Oh and want some 1:1 time? Some time just for you with two incredible coaches where you can ask whatever you want to get the guidance and intimate support you need?

How about a one hour long coaching, mentoring and consulting call with Kemi!


A one hour long coaching, mentoring and consulting call with Julie!

Get ready.  One hour that could change the trajectory of your life and business for the better. It’s happened before. Many, many times. In just one hour.

And you get two hours.

Want some more detail on what these incredible workshops are going to cover?

Let’s go!


Summer is a time in your life and business to be shining, bold and taking centre stage.  It’s time to acknowledge yourself as THE most important part of your business – no matter whether you are a coach, artist, healer, product creator or (insert your fabulous self here!)

None of what you do and bring as service to the world can really make an impact if you as it’s creator are not shining.  

The Sovereign Summer Workshop will be looking at

  • Are you hiding and holding yourself back? (Newsflash – we all are in some way.) What do you need to truly shine and claim your throne and who do you have to be to have you and your business be fully seen?
  • Where can you move beyond resistance and comfort to try new things? Because you’re not going to keep doing the same stuff over and over again and expect a different result right? Right.
  • Your relationship with money. Want more? Great. Let’s talk about worthiness, comfort, owning it and believing you deserve as much of it as you want.
  • Your key signature speaking topic. Don’t have one? By the end of this summer soiree you will. And a plan to get yourself booked to deliver it.

Autumn is a time in your life and business to be gathering, building foundations, reflecting, and in deep gratitude for all that you are creating in service to the world.  It’s time to look at the systems in your business, what flow truly means to you and how your business really works. (Or doesn’t but needs to.)

We’re going to be taking stock, getting conscious and above all – REAL – about what is truly working in your business and supporting you – and what is absolutely not.  

The Autumn Workshop will be looking at

  • Your business systems, flow and how things are really working for you
  • The power of delegation, asking for help, setting boundaries and working smarter not harder
  • How the power of gratitude, reflection and radical responsibility can support you to stop feeling desperate for clients and sales, regretful of decisions and reframing what you may see as a ‘failure.’
  • How you make conscious decisions as a business woman and not react to what is going on around you out of comparison, fomo, jealousy and competition. Yep. Let’s transcend those once and for all.

Winter is a time in your life and business for self-care, gentleness, intuition and listening to the deep calling of your inner voice. It’s time to look at how well you are taking care of yourself and if you are genuinely making enough space in your business for your deepest desires to come forth.  

We’re going to be releasing the notion you must be ‘on’ all the time, learning to deepen your relationship with your intuition and feeling into the radical power of rest and space.

The Winter Workshop will be looking at

  • Your self-care. Way, way beyond a cold pressed juice or the occasional bubble bath. If you fall over so does your business. Not on our watch…
  • Stopping the belief treadmill that you need to be on, striving, pushing and working on and in your business all the time – especially on things like social media.  You don’t.
  • How to develop your relationship with your intuition to such a deep level that you never crowdsource what you should do in your business on social media or from people who don’t truly know you.
  • Calling in the soul of your business. Your legacy and heart and the true impact you’re here to make. Without compromises or exceptions.  

Spring is a time in your life and business for creativity, joy and being in bloom.  It’s time to get in touch with your fun and feminine side and release your full authentic business heart and vision to the world.    

We’re going to be tapping into your creative powers (we all have them!) and the embodied side of you that is a womanly, wise creator of so many incredible things that you may not even yet recognise.

The Spring Workshop will be looking at

  • Where and how your business is bringing you joy – if it is. You got into this biz caper because you believed it would be fun and inspiring. Let’s ramp that up even further – or get it back.  
  • How to make time for your full creative self to be a constant source of new ideas for everything from your content creation to social media to the way you work with clients and customers.
  • How your feminine side and self can be tapped into as a source of wisdom, inspiration and guidance that can steer your business success. All day. Every day.
  • Celebrating the beauty and courage that is YOU and honouring all that you bring to the world through your business and creative offerings. Celebration, acknowledgement and loving your gifts is a core part of business success did you know? Well you do now!

The Sovereign Collective will be the most inspiring, supportive and extraordinary year you could possibly participate in for yourself as a female business owner.


It will be the most beautiful and amazing way to call in the expert guidance, support and connection you need throughout 2019 and beyond.


And you could not meet two women more open hearted, whip smart and business savvy female entrepreneurs to help you bring that personal version of success to life.


Together we are your coaches, mentors, supporters, cheerleaders, consultants, business mavens and dream holders for you and the special magic that is your business in the world.


The Sovereign Collective Investment

In your most amazing business year yet in The Sovereign Collective you will receive…


Access to us as your business guides in this way is not available anywhere else.  Like, really. We’re doing this together because we want to walk our talk and bring you our most fun, vibrant, alive and giving selves in partnership with each other.


Enrolment Closed


GST to be added to all payments.



1. Can I come to some of the workshops but not all?

If you cannot make all of the workshops that is ok, however The Sovereign Collective is an entire year long immersive experience. We encourage you to move heaven and earth to be there.

2. If I can’t come to one of the workshops can I receive a discount?

No. The price for The Sovereign Collective is the same no matter how many workshops you attend which is why we encourage you to come to ALL of them.

3. If I can’t come to one of the workshops can I send someone in my place?

If there are places available at workshops for individual people to attend, (still at a maximum of 20 women only), and you know someone who would like that spot then you may arrange to send them, however they will still need to purchase an individual ticket to do so.

4. What is your refund policy?
  • If you pay in full or with the deposit and then decide to withdraw before the end of 2018 you will receive a full refund of all monies paid minus $500.
  • If you pay in full or with the deposit and you withdraw before the end of January 2019 you will receive a full refund of all monies paid minus $1000 or no refund if the amount paid is not $1000 in total.
  • If you attend the first workshop and inform us in writing within 48 hours of the workshop taking place that you no longer wish to continue, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid minus $1500 or no refund if the amount paid is not $1500 in total.
  • Post 48 hours of the first workshop there are NO refunds available. You are then fully committed to the entire experience of The Sovereign Collective both financially and otherwise.
5. What if I fall behind in my payments?

Please just reach out to us asap and we will support you.

6. If I miss a workshop can I have an extra private one?

No, but we encourage you to lean into your group calls and one on one time with Kemi and Julie with any questions you have. You will also have your ‘sovereign sisterhood’ to help you catch up on any content you may have missed.

7. When/how do I book in my sessions with Kemi and Julie?

We will give you lots of time and support to do this once The Sovereign Collective formally begins.

8. What do I need to bring to each workshop?

Commitment. Pens. Paper. Your beautiful self. And willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

9. Are there any hidden extras?

No. We’re all upfront here at The Sovereign Collective.

10. Is there a discount for paying in full?

Yes there sure is. Please refer to the payment boxes above for all details and the available discount.


Enrolment Closed


GST to be added to all payments.