Thérèse Cator is a leadership coach, writer, artist and mother. She’s committed to helping women rise in their leadership in the face of the self-imposed, societal and systematic strongholds that dissipate our brilliance. Simply put she helps folx get free. Her coaching and epic retreats weave her extensive training and experience in shadow work, business, movement, meditation and her learnings coming from a lineage of healers, intuitives, artists and activists. She writes a weekly Liberation Love Letter at

My guest on the Priestess Podcast today, Thérèse Cator and I were supposed to have an interview all about your light within and shining that out to the world.  And while we have done that, truth is when you are in the presence of a truly beautiful light and human being like Thérèse, that’s just the surface of what you dive into.  Thérèse shares with us her special thoughts on everything from love, liberation, getting free, letting our true selves be out and whole in the world and stepping into great roles of spiritual leadership.  It’s an episode you’re going to want to return to again and again.