Thema Azize Serwa (Tay-Mah Ah-zeez Sir-wah) is the visionary behind The Womb Sauna. Thema discovered her passion to lead people to their highest potential at age 6 when she created her first organization. For years she leased out her life, energy, and focus to working for others’ dreams and it showed up in her womb health. That was her training ground for her own life’s purpose. After experiencing a personal health crisis, Thema’s priorities changed and she harmonized her body, mind, spirit, and the rest is history. She now chooses everyday to demonstrate to the world what a whole, healthy, powerful woman looks like and as a result, other amazing women are inspired to access their own power. This is her life’s work.  

I adore my guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Reverend High Priestess Thema Azize Serwa. Thema lives up to her larger than life title and name in every way – as you are soon about to find out. Growing up in a church environment Thema became curious as she got older about women in the bible, and their stories, and it has lead her down a path of enlightenment and an awakening to the Goddess and life as a Priestess, while maintaining her love of God and Christianity. Thema is direct, loving, inspirational and a true guide for modern women looking to explore their spirituality in her work as an Interfaith Minister, as well as her calling to help them love and honour their womb spaces more as a radical act of healing and self-empowerment.