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Hi! We are Shakisha & Laureen, The Consciously Paid Mystics and Co-Creators of The Woo Collective, where mystics become entrepreneurs. We teach spiritually gifted mystics the energetic strategies to build thriving spiritual businesses doing only the work they love, creating the impact they desire, and getting PAID while they do it.

Today is a first for the Priestess Podcast where we have not one but TWO very special guests for you – Shakisha Reynolds and Laureen Mally of The Woo Collective. These incredible mystics have been helping people activate their spiritual DNA and bring their soul gifts into the world for a number of years now after meeting on the interwebs – Facebook to be exact! They have an ignited bond of sisterhood that runs deeply both through their personal lives as well as the work they bring to the world in partnership. THIS is the sort of sister relationship that I know so many of us crave and want to be a part of and I can’t wait for you to listen in and hear their goodness in this episode. It’s like a girl chat of the highest spiritual order!


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