Tara Winters

Tara Winters is an award winning life coach, soul guide, tarot reader, speaker, writer and mother of three children. Her first career as a corporate accountant saw her working in Australia and the UK for large multinational corporations.  After 20 years of hiding her spirituality while climbing the corporate ladder and playing down her money wisdom in the spiritual world, she now integrates her masculine and feminine energy to create a life of joy, freedom and abundance. With deep wisdom, a loving heart and a treasure trove of spiritual and financial tools, she supports her clients to create an abundant relationship with money and with themselves. She strongly believes that people who feel abundant in their lives, financially and otherwise, have the power to change our world.

Money is one of those topics that can bring up a lot of ‘stuff’ for us. And if you are a regular listener of The Priestess Podcast then you know we are not afraid to go into the ‘stuff’ of life and so we’re going to do that very thing today with my guest Tara Winters. Tara is a former corporate accountant turned life, spirituality and money coach and we are here to talk about money wisdom. There is a mention in here of cheap underwear and expensive cheese and so you know given that we have some fun too! In particular I loved Tara’s viewpoint on bridging the gap between the viewpoints that money is everything in life and the most important thing we can try to attain – and the rejection of it – especially at times by some people who deem it to not be ‘spiritual’ enough to desire. And you better believe within this that both Tara and I agree that money in the hands of more conscious people around the world – which I am sure is you beautiful listener – is a VERY good thing.