Stephanie Kwong is a Mindset Mastery Coach, Hypnotherapist, Founder of Samadhi and Host of the Rise Higher Podcast. She supports high achievers to identify and remove mental and emotional roadblocks to achieve their next level through hypnosis, breathwork, and other subconscious reprogramming techniques to master their mind and elevate their energy. Through redesigning their subconscious mind, her clients effortlessly achieve the results they want personally, professionally and financially, shifting from a life of limitation and stress to one of joy and freedom. Stephanie’s the creator of the self-hypnosis mastery online course BELIEVE and the 40-Day Self-Love Transformation online program. She developed her retreat and after care program Samadhi to support and teach high achievers the tools to manage their mental and emotional fitness to function at higher levels with greater ease. Stephanie’s work has supported thousands of students around the world to reprogram their subconscious and to experience greater happiness, inner peace and fulfillment.

It seems like we’re talking about our minds and mindset a LOT these days – more so than I have ever known us to be. Is this because we have more mindset needs or is it due to us awakening to a knowing that possibly – just possibly – when it comes to the things we want to achieve in life and on our spiritual journeys – we – and the way we THINK – might be the biggest thing holding us back? I think that maybe both have a role, but it’s the second one I am seeing most often leap to the forefront in our lives right now. How can we harness our own inner power to cultivate a mindset that is supportive, nurturing and even loving? My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Stephanie Kwong – is absolutely devoted both personally and professionally to finding that out and she is filled with soulful wisdom and practical steps in this episode you can take to embark upon your own version of mindset mastery.