The cold crisp mornings and damp nights of winter are fading here in Australia.  Pink blossom is starting to peep out of tight buds and bulbs buried deep beneath the ground are shooting upwards in bright colours of green and gold.  The breeze is softer and the sun brighter.

Spring is here.  And as a sun cat – much more so than a winter cub – I couldn’t be happier.

Since beginning my path of deepening into the Divine Feminine I have learned there are so many aspects of this spiritual realm, each one delighting me as they are revealed.  One of those is the Wheel of Year, first introduced to me in the wonderful book ‘Seasons of the Goddess‘ by the women from Gaia’s Garden.  Prior to this time while I knew of things such as Samhain and Imbolc and Yule, in truth they felt quite distant from me because they were almost exclusively spoke of in Northern Hemisphere terms.  It’s hard to connect to talk of Yule here with its references to fires and logs and snow when we are scorching in the summer heat, or to Samhain (more commonly known as Halloween) which of course widely is known to fall at the end of October, but really for us in this part of the world comes at the end of April.

Spring Equinox Southern Hemisphere

And so while my friends in the Northern Hemisphere you are about to lean into the Autumn Equinox, for us here it is Spring.

And what is the Spring Equinox?

Equinoxes are the balancing points in the cycle of the seasons, when day and night are equal in length.  And for the Spring Equinox it is a time of celebrating flowers, eggs, and new born life.  It is also a time of creation and bringing new and creative projects to life – something to remember if you’re a business owner or working on a creative project!  This is your time to launch as the light of the world overcomes darkness with longer days. The German Goddess Ostara is associated with this time, especially as she represents fertility and rebirth.  And if you feel called to, you can decorate your altar or create a ritual to Ostara very easily.  Simply adorn yourself and your altar with pastel colours, painted eggs and fresh flowers and you’ll be calling in her spirit of renewal in no time.  Ask her to help you create something magical, beautiful, fresh and spirited.

In centuries past women would gather at many important times of the year and the Spring Equinox was certainly one of them.  A time to celebrate the return of the young Maiden who lives inside of all of us and her freshness, young spirit and sunlit attitude towards life. Flowers, feasting and giving thanks to the return of the blossoms by Mother Earth were all honoured.  And these special times of gathering and celebration are now returning to us in modern times – making this one very happy Priestess!

And if you feel called to join in circle with a group of beautiful and soul centred women I would love for you to celebrate the Spring Equinox with me this month in Sydney.  Soul Sister Circle are convening a truly beautiful Divine Feminine gathering that is all about honouring your innate womanly power and leadership skills.  I am so thrilled to be speaking at Rise.  And did I mention there will be organic food and wine, live music, dancing, ceremony and a lush goodie bag? Well there will be because how can it really be a Spring Equinox celebration without such things?!  All details and tickets for this special event here.


I would love to see you at Rise. It’s going to be a truly wonderful Divine Feminine celebration and I can’t help but think I may get a little bit teary at the thought that once, thousands of years ago, women just like those who will attend Rise, once gathered in similar circles and ways. They wore flower crowns and flowing dresses to celebrate their femininity and the arrival of Spring.

The Goddess has returned.

In truth, she has always been here.

It’s just now we see her within us and around us so much more than we previously have. And what a true joy that is.