There are many perspectives on spirituality and consumerism and I do not claim to be an expert on any of them.  All I know (and can know) is what I love to read, use and experience that helps me live a more rich and full life.  And so often anything that we find useful, supportive and even inspirational is something that others will too.  And so I hope that these lovely products and a magazine I am sharing with you today (which I am seeing as my current soulful spirit seeker tools!) sparks something within you.

And for your chance to win a Sacred Self Alive Alchemical You self-coaching guide with alchemical oils worth $244 AUD please read on!

Soulful Spirit Seeker Tools


Alchemical You Alive Sacred SelfSacred Self Alchemical You

I have loved the products and work of Michelle Marie McGrath from Sacred Self for many years now.  She infuses everything she does with incredible intention and love.  And so I was not so secretly thrilled when she sent me her Alive Alchemical You self-coaching series to try which includes six of her stunning oils.

The experience of using and unfolding through Alive Alchemical You is unlike anything I’ve ever done.  The oils come with a beautifully designed pdf guide which acts as a self-coaching journal. There are a number of Sacred Self Alchemical ranges but this one had a focus on creative expression, radiance and inspiration.  It was the absolute perfect thing for me to do while birthing this new website and in fact – I’m sure it’s responsible for much of the creativity behind it!

I used one of the oils each week for six weeks as guided, journaling as I went along.  Yes, sometimes it was hard to keep up every day, but the questions asked in the guide opened up so much inside of me that I felt compelled to keep going into deeper levels of self-inspiration and enquiry.  I noticed an almost immediate shift in my creative confidence and the inspiration and momentum to get many things done in my day.  And amongst all of that I smelled truly divine after anointing myself with the oils.  We can all benefit from working with a great coach – but should never forget we can be a great coach to ourselves too!  And the Alive Alchemical You experience was just that for me.  And the amazing thing is that the oils are so rich and lasting that I know I’m going to have them for months to come and use them over and over again for so many different purposes. (They are amazing to meditate with and also put in the bath – mmmmm.)

If you would like to win an Alive Alchemical You package for yourself please keep reading!


Lemon Canary Chakra CandlesLemon Canary Chakra Candle Range

As soon as I saw the beautiful Jasmine sharing images of these candles on the Lemon Canary instagram account I knew I had to have them.  (Don’t you just love/hate instagram for that?!)  I have been a fan of Lemon Canary candles and products for years now but I knew there was something very special about these chakra candles and I wasn’t wrong. While you can choose to purchase them in a black votive I chose to get them in Moroccan tea glasses in chakra colours.  They smell, feel and look divine. And also (wait for it) each candle has tiny charge floating crystals in it.  Absolutely magic.  I have found them so beautiful to meditate with and also find myself turning to them when wanting to create more moments of spaciousness and quiet in my day.


Vibes Up Water BottleVibes Up Water Bottle

I was captivated by the idea of this water bottle when I first saw it in a giveaway by my beautiful friends from Earth Academy.  A water bottle with a crystal base that infuses the water within?  Well I had to see that and experience that!  So I ordered a silver bottle from Love and Lumiere and from the first sip I took the bottle has barely left my side.  It’s easy to hold and carry, has a really nice spout to drink from and keeps your water cold for hours.  And above all I could undoubtedly taste a beautiful flavour to the water for at least the first 2-3 weeks of using it.  I’m not sure whether I was supposed to – but I certainly loved it.  It had a slightly floral essence like taste which was so lovely and while that has faded now that I’ve refilled the bottle many times over, I still love how the base of the bottle is constantly charging the water.  I’ve already bought one in blue for my stepdaughter who eyed it off pretty quickly and love that they come in such beautiful colours too.


Over the Moon MagazineOver The Moon Magazine

I cannot recall how I first came across this online magazine but I am in awe of Elle ….. the editor and her team for the sheer volume of content they are putting out every single week. As the editor of a inspired COACH magazine myself I know how much hard work goes into the creation of one and Over the Moon is a must read if you are at all interested in the Divine Feminine, lunar cycles, the Goddess within all of us, spirituality and living a more sacred life.  The images are lush, the writing revealing, and while I don’t find all articles relevant to me every week, I never fail to find something I read from start to finish with great joy.  I highly recommend.


Giveaway! (Now Closed)

If you would like to win an Alive Alchemical You Package which includes six alchemical oils and a self-coaching guide and journal from Sacred Self worth $244 AUD then please leave me a comment below sharing with me what makes you feel most alive by April 7th 2016.  I can’t wait to hear! The giveaway is open worldwide and the winner will be announced in a comment here and then emailed.

I look forward to bringing you more spirit seeker tools I am loving right now as they cross my path – in divine time of course!  And if you know of something that you feel I should totally have in my spirit kit then please let me know!  Drop me a line or connect on any of my social media platforms.  I always love hearing about beautiful new things.