After the beautiful response to my first Soulful Spirit Seeker Tools post I’m so delighted to be back sharing with you some more wonderful things I am loving right now. And as ever, I am so open to you sharing with me some of the things you are enjoying right now too – music, meditations, mindfulness apps, cards, books – whatever is helping you connect more with your own spirit and divinity.

Soulful Spirit Seeker Tools

I hope you love this next curation I have put together for you and if you would like a chance to win a copy of the beautiful Seasons of the Goddess Book mentioned please keep reading!  Giveaway details below.


Sensual Seed Oracle CardsSensual Seed Cards

I was absolutely thrilled when Christine Ford of Sensual Seeds contacted me to ask if I might like to receive her Sensual Seeds Oracle Card Deck. Holy Goddess yes!  These cards are a true pathway to alighting the Divine Feminine within you.  Each one features a beautiful original painted image that evokes pure womanly power.

When you use these cards you simply cannot help but feel more deeply connected to your own womb wisdom and I think they are particularly beautiful in helping you connect to needs and desires within the areas of self-care and sensual expression.  I absolutely love these cards and when I am deepening into my own Priestess Path they have become a much called upon guide.


Seasons of the Goddess Gaias GardenSeasons of the Goddess Book

I first came across the amazing women from Gaia’s Garden at the Seven Sisters Festival.  This was a workshop I knew from the moment I saw it on the festival program that I wanted to attend.  For any woman in the southern hemisphere following a Priestess Path or learning more about the Goddess within, you will know that so often the information we receive comes to us from a Northern Hemisphere perspective at not only opposite times we are experiencing here in Australia, but opposite seasons as well.  This can make our connection, (even if we just take into account the weather at the time of things like an equinox or solstice), to what we are learning more challenging and make the lived experience of the Divine Feminine feel further away from us.

Seasons of the Goddess is such a beautiful answer to this need and in full colour is beautifully illustrated and written for southern sisters. Indigenous culture, native animals and the deep richness of this land are all richly bought to life, and the very special meanings they have for those of us who are Divine Feminine seekers from Australia.  This book was like a joyful coming home for me and is one I will treasure forever.


Deya DovaDeya Dova Music

I have been listening to the music of Deya Dova for over a year now after noticing a friend of mine, (who has superb taste in music!), liked her Facebook page. Clicking through to her website I was instantly transported by her music which is hypnotic, richly feminine and incredibly soul stirring.  She lit up the stage at the Seven Sisters Festival which was my first experience of seeing her live – and she did not disappoint.

At the recent Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day in Bali I used one of her tracks to lead into my final moments with everyone for the day and watching a room full of 50 women clearly moved by her divine music and lyrics was very special.  My favourite tracks?  For a soul stirring dance – Bone Dance.  For a soul stirring meditation track with a deep beat or something to slowly awaken your Shakti in the morning  – Sky Roarer.  Both can be found on her album Symbiotic. 

Julie Parker Scarlet Harlow Design HeaddressScarlett Harlow Designs

On my recent trip to Bali to host the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day I decided to throw caution to the wind and invite all those attending to wear white and something to adorn their hair.  I figured we were in the heart chakra of the world and if there was ever a time to connect with our Goddess nature and become better coaches while wearing flower crowns or a jewelled headband – this was it!  And it was a truly divine day with everyone looking so amazing. I know it added to the spirit of the occasion beyond measure.

And in asking everyone to do this I decided I better do something very special to honour their own beauty and my search lead me to the wonderful Scarlett Harlow Designs. Her couture headpieces, crowns and headbands are nothing less than divine and I reached out to her with a special request to design me a headpiece that was wildly feminine and spirited.  And she did me graciously proud. While I will admit to having a moment of hesitation the night before wearing such a bold piece, I am so glad I did not let my ego grab me too hard in what was nothing more than an attempt to keep me small.  For far too long – across centuries now – women have been consciously and subconsciously told to be small.  To not take up to much space.  To not shine to brightly.

Well – enough of that.  Enough.  Wearing this headpiece I felt like a powerful and divinely held Goddess every single moment of that day.  It made me stand up straighter, love bigger and feel a deeper connection into myself and fifty five very special women around me.  Now that’s what I call a soulful spirit seeker gift.

Giveaway! (Now Closed. Thank you!)

If you would like to win your own copy of the full colour book Seasons of the Goddess please leave me a comment below by 5pm, May 31st, AEST.  

I would love you to share with me in your comment where are you being called right now to step up and take centre stage as the woman and Goddess you are?  I cannot wait to know.