I have come to really love these posts sharing with you some of the beautiful products and tools I am using right now.  I especially love giving away beautiful oils, books and today – vegan and cruelty free lipstick!  I hope they all help you live a more spirited and divine life.  Here are my latest Soulful Spirit Seeker Tools!

Soulful Spirit Seeker Tools

Souls JourneySoul’s Journey Session with Kerry Jeffery

I was so delighted when the wonderful Kerry Jeffery reached out to me saying she had been guided to offer me a ‘Soul’s Journey Session’ with her consisting of a tarot reading and past life hypnosis.  It may come as a surprise to you all – but I had never had my tarot cards read and I certainly had never been hypnotised or had a past life reading. With this being a year of being open to all experiences I couldn’t say no.  And I’m glad I didn’t.


Kerry’s reading for me was truly profound.  Her gentle wisdom, incredible knowledge of the tarot, and amazing connection to Spirit was incredible. The cards and her interpretation raised so many things for me that in particular I knew I had to deal with, but had been putting off for so long, and one in particular I had been struggling with for some time about what to do.  The answer was of course inside me all along but having Kerry’s guidance has made the decision so much clearer and easy to follow through with as well.

My past life hypnosis was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I was a bit scared prior to tell you the truth, (I don’t think Kerry noticed or then maybe she did!), but it was such a calming and relaxing experience. I saw myself in three very distinct periods and places – and sorry everyone I cannot attest to being Joan of Arc or a famous warrioress!  I distinctly not only saw, but felt in my body, my presence as a very hard working, isolated settlers wife, a timid, shy and naive witches ‘apprentice’ about to be burnt at the stake (something I have had a feeling about for a very long time I might have been in a past life) and in a time unknown to me but from a long time ago I saw myself swimming in a white dress as I have described in my Priestess journey.  I cannot recommend this experience with Kerry enough.  The Soul’s Journey Session was truly beautiful and life affirming.  Thank you Kerry!

Dusk By Adele ‘Dusk By Adele’ Vegan Lipstick

If you don’t know the divine and delicious work of Adele McConnell then please connect with her now! She is such a beautiful and brave hearted entrepreneur and someone I admire deeply.

Adele has recently launched a line of the most luscious eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty and palm oil free lipsticks – and they are incredible.  I have not worn makeup or used skin or body care products with chemicals in them for years.  Educating myself on what is put in so many mainstream products saw me jump onto the organic bandwagon in this area of my life with one giant leap and I’ve never turned back.

Lipsticks in this area can be a little tricky.  Some are too dry or too sticky and many don’t have lasting colour power.  The Dusk By Adele range absolutely wins in all of these areas and I have especially fallen in love with the rich vibrant colours that are more than a bit sexy and the perfect addition for my ongoing self-adornment practice.  For your chance to win one of these beautiful lipsticks read on below!

Crystal Connections Adam BarraletCrystal Connections Book by Adam Barralet

I have read many books on crystals and enjoyed them all but I’ve finally found my favourite and it’s by Western Australian based crystal expert Adam Barralet.  ‘Crystal Connections’ is easily the most comprehensive guide to crystals I’ve ever read and it is particularly powerful in how it describes you can USE the crystals you love in every day life.

This book and Adam’s work (his Youtube videos are also amazing) have also really opened me up much wider to how to properly cleanse and charge crystals and that simply putting them out under the light of the full moon isn’t always going to get the best out of them.  This easy to read, fully comprehensive and gorgeously photographed book is now my go to crystal guide and one I think every crystal lover should own.

MotherhouseThe Motherhouse of the Goddess

If you have even a passing interest in the Divine Feminine and role of the Goddess in our modern day lives, then please visit The Motherhouse of the Goddess as soon as you can. This rich portal of reading and courses (many of them free) is perfect for any woman exploring her own relationship with Goddess, Spirit and the Divine, or even emerging on a Priestess Path.

It is filled with information, podcasts and other worldly goodies that are easy to access and dive into. I am returning to the site so often these days and always finding new and interesting things to deepen into.  I challenge you to go there and not be intrigued and likely sign up for something to sprinkle it’s way into your inbox!

Giveaway – Dusk by Adele Vegan Lipstick! (Now Closed!)

Courtesy of Dusk by Adele I have one of her beautiful lipsticks to giveaway worth $29.90 AUD in the shade of 11pm. To be in with a chance to win please leave a comment below sharing what does the word ‘Goddess’ mean to you.  I cannot wait to read your answers!  All entries to be in by 5pm AEST, Friday 15th July.