Sofiah created, founded and runs the Temple Body Arts™ School, offering Embodied Feminine Leadership Programs for the New Paradigm. She helps women know their value and live their highest YES. Sofiah co-authored The Path of the Priestess Book: Discover Your Divine Purpose. Sofiah has taught and performed in-person around the globe for over 15 years. Driven by her lifelong passion for dance, creative expression, and tantra yoga, Sofiah creates a safe container for empowerment and embodied presence through sacred movement and inner exploration. Alongside her husband Brendan and a handful of visionaries, Sofiah co-founded the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, a conscious festival celebrating music, art, and sacred movement. Together, they co-founded Danyasa Eco-Retreat in the beautiful beach town of Dominical, Costa Rica, where they live.

When you are named after the great gnostic Goddess Sofiah it’s a little bit of a given that you may embody some of Her qualities of wisdom and creativity throughout your life. And this is certainly the case for my guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Sofiah Thom. Sofiah is one of the few women I’ve met that has actually been deeply raised in a spiritual tradition that aligns with the world of the Goddess from a young age and it’s something that you are about to find permeates throughout everything she does as a global priestess and entrepreneur. In particular as a performing artist and temple arts dancer Sofiah is passionate about how we can embody the power of the Goddess deep within our bodies and she shares her insights on how we can all do that in an empowering and beautiful way.