Sheena Yap Chan is the creator and host of the podcast “The Tao of Self Confidence” where she interviews Asian women through their inner journey to self confidence. Her purpose is to help Asian women build their self confidence and create a stronger representation of Asian women.

Sheena Yap Chan has interviewed more than seven hundred women on the topic of self-confidence. Now that’s a lot of anecdotal and real life evidence on what it takes to be a confident woman in the modern world, especially when we can feel surrounded by messages that help us be anything but. As my guest on The Priestess Podcast today Sheena was the perfect person to talk about self-confidence and her perspective on the spiritual ‘Tao’ or way that we can develop more confidence in our lives. She refreshingly speaks about how self-confidence is something that is a journey and not a destination and something that we all have to commit to working on if we want to have it.