Sharyn Holmes’s work dives deep into social justice and personal sovereignty where she disrupts spiritual and entrepreneurial spaces with her #dearselfstyledguru letters calling out for better representation of diversity. Sharyn has compiled the ‘Reading and Resources for Activists’ list – an essential resource of social justice writings, tools, education and programs, and she teaches women and girls gutsy leadership, the magic of creativity and to trust their intuition, speak their truth, and be the leaders of their own lives. Sharyn has a wealth of knowledge and learning gained from trauma, transition and personal transformation. She is a gutsy leader, artist, speaker, sacred activist, earthshaker and writer.

Sharyn Holmes is a deeply powerful and sacred leader in her own way. Infusing her own blend of spirituality, sacredness, introverted leadership and activism, Sharyn is a truth teller of the highest order – with a call to action in her words, poetry and actions. In this episode of The Priestess Podcast, Sharyn shares what she believes to be glaringly missing from the spiritual and entrepreneurial worlds right now and how it is white people who need to be the ones to initiate deep and prolonged change in those worlds for the betterment of us all, but mostly for those who identify as black, indigenous or a person of colour.