There is something powerful about Shar Moore, known as the “YWoman.” She has dedicated her life to helping women realise their innate abilities, so they can overcome the obstacles that
would otherwise stand in the way of their success. Her proudest moments are when she profiles women in her National magazine, allowing them to gain the brand recognition they deserve.

As a sought after Business Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Magazine Publisher, Wife, Mum and
Nani, Shar’s life is overflowing with abundance, happiness and purpose. A women truly living
her Y.

Can you possibly imagine what it must be like to be engaged at the age of 11 – a soon to be child bride – and have your entire life mapped out for you with no choice or control over your own destiny? Maybe you have had that experience or a similar one as a child and know the sense of confusion and uncertainty it comes with, or maybe it is too far away from your own life to even contemplate. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Shar Moore – was engaged to be married as a child – and is with us to share her story and how she broke free of that to become the successful and thriving woman she is today. I know that all of us in some form or another have had feelings of deep uncertainty about our lives and spiritual paths. This is in fact for so many of us meant to be a part of our path. Hearing the lived experiences of other people like Shar supports us to know we are not alone, and even in the most dire of circumstances we can so often find light and a way forward to become who we truly long to be.