Sarah J Thompson is an eating disorder recovery coach, Certified Body Trust® provider, writer, and consultant. They identify as white, fat, queer, and nonbinary. Sarah is committed to educating health care professionals on creating better relationships with larger-bodied clients, eating disorder awareness, body liberation, and creating community. Their work is done through an anti-oppression, social justice-based lens, because acknowledging the trauma of oppression is a part of healing. Sarah is an ice cream connoisseur, loves Grey’s Anatomy, and her friend’s animals.

What is true body liberation? Why do we have such a loaded and emotive relationship with the word fat? How has our dominant paradigm in the world come to be one where thinness is celebrated as the ideal and most desired body type? And what does it mean to have a loving and liberatory relationship with your body if you are non-binary?  These are the questions – and so much more – that my brilliant and wonderful guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Sarah J Thompson and I are talking about. If you consider yourself someone who wants to create body positive spaces either in person or online – or you’re simply trying to have a richer and more beautiful relationship with your own body, Sarah’s words are here to inspire and set you free.