If you have either been tinkering around with exploring your own spirituality for some time now, or entirely devoted to it as a path for life then you have likely heard or come across certain terms that get used by spiritual folks and the community a lot. I know I do and for many of them I don’t even truly know what they mean – or at the very least I feel they are open to a lot of wide interpretations. One of those terms is ‘your highest self’ and my guest on the The Priestess Podcast today Sarah Wilder is here to share with us her thoughts on what that actually means. How do we better get in touch with our highest self? Is it even worth it to do so? And yes! What does it even MEAN? It’s all about to be revealed to you…with of course you then opening up your own path as to what it means to YOU. 

Sarah Wilder is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, thought leader and nature nerd ever exploring the healing arts + natural world. She is on a mission to self actualise and teach others how to work with the beauty and magic in nature to help rediscover their own.