Sarah Poet, M.Ed, helps women to remember the sacred truth that lies within them. Sarah is the host of the Sacred Remembering podcast for “Modern women waking up to the truth of who they are.” Sarah is the founder & creator of Embodied Breath, where she is a presence-based teacher, healer, mentor, & coach for women & conscious couples building sacred relationships. What makes Sarah unique is that she doesn’t bypass the difficult stuff on the way to awakening, rather we need to go through it all. Sarah is also an expert on the feminine & masculine archetypes, and how to heal & balance them, within all bodies & relationships. Learn more at

I think it’s reasonably safe to say that all of us desire to have deep and beautifully connected relationships in our lives, especially in our intimate relationships. How much of our whole and true self however are we willing to bring to those relationships and see in someone else? How much are we willing to deeply open up to all areas of our heart and soul that requires work, love and attention so that we become aware of things such as when we are projecting our pain onto someone or desiring for them to save or fix us? My guest on The Priestess Podcast today Sarah Poet is here to talk to us about conscious relating with both ourselves and those we love most right now or will in the future. This is the sort of relationship class you most definitely do not get in school and requires total personal responsibility. In other words – it’s a must listen for us ALL.