Sarah Durham Wilson is a women’s writer and leader. Once a rock journalist in New York City and L.A., her Saturn Return viscerally ended one life and began another: one devoted wholly to feminine wisdom. A teacher and retreat leader, Sarah has journeyed thousands of women through witch awakenings onto the Priestess Path. She is now devoted to leading the collective wounded maiden feminine across the archetypal bridge to healthy mother. She hosts an online community of women crossing into archetypal mother and has a forthcoming book with Sounds True Publishing on the Maiden to Mother Rite of Passage. 

We live in a world that chiefly values women remaining in the maiden phase of their life. Messages surround us everywhere that we should be young, spritely, fresh and even virginal despite the fact that this young stage of life often means we are still maturing and therefore understandably immature, are caught up in our own drama and needs and crave attention. It can be hard to leave behind our maiden self in such a way that we cross into the more mature mother stage of our life feeling ready for all that entails. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Sarah Durham Wilson, is wholly devoted as a priestess to supporting women bridge the life gap from maidenhood to motherhood – and no – that does not mean as a birth mother. What does it actually mean? Tune in to this wise and womanly episode of the podcast today to find out!