I have been asked many times when I may start to hold a women’s circle or host in person events relating to my Priestess and spiritual work and believe me when I tell you it has been floating in my thoughts for a long time now.  I could tell you that I have been busy and it’s just not been the right time, but the truth is I genuinely felt as though I had more work and more healing to do for myself.

Yes, this from someone who has counselled and coached thousands of people.  However this work is different.  It calls upon a part of me that is very personal and vulnerable.  The work of a Priestess is a new part of me that needed more time to develop before I could truly hold space of this kind.

And now the time feels right.  Excitedly so!  And so it is with great pleasure that I announce the very first Sacred Priestess Circle.

Sacred Priestess Great Mother Circle

The Sacred Priestess Circles are going to have an ongoing theme of connecting with the ancient wisdom of the Goddess to inspire and support the modern women we are today.  Each one a journey into a particular type of Divine Feminine and Goddess medicine and magic.

The deepening of self-compassion and kindness with Quan Yin.  The honouring of our wild woman and creatrix with the Primal Goddess. The acknowledgement of our beauty with Aphrodite.  A meeting with our most fierce and transformative self in Kali Ma.  And so many more.

And to me it seems fitting that we begin the Sacred Priestess Circles honouring The Great Mother – Mother Earth – Mother Nature – Gaia – Pachamama.  She who is the giver of life to us all and is infinite in her wisdom and nurturing.  She who loves us no matter who we are, what we look like, how much we earn.  She who loves us as we are.

This Sacred Priestess Circle will see us connect with the power of The Great Mother and what she has to teach us about self-love.  It will be a sensory experience of natural beauty to see, earth elixirs to smell and anoint with, healing questions to feel into, sound frequency and music to listen to and grounding and nourishing tastes.  And yes!  Even in the brisk cold of Melbourne winter get ready to take your candle and prayers outdoors and dip your toes into the cool grass of the night air.  We need to be with Her if we are to really feel Her magic – even if just for a little while!

The Sacred Priestess Circle: Great Mother will take place in Highett, Melbourne, 7-10pm on June 28th 2017.  Tickets will be $28.00 plus gst and limited to 10 people only.  All details will be sent post purchase including what to bring to enhance your circle experience.

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