I am so excited to share with you the details of the second Sacred Priestess Circle where we will be journeying with and honouring the Goddess Athena and the Archetype of the Initiator.  This is an archetype that runs very strongly within me as I uncovered and remembered in earlier days of my Priestess journey and I cannot wait to bring her to life further with sisters in circle.

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and justice, as well as war and heroine/heroic endeavours.  She is at once known for her compassion and generosity, but also her fiery nature and ruthlessness.  Her Roman counterpart is the Goddess Minerva who I recently had the beautiful experience of being energetically close to at Aqua Sulis in Bath, UK, a temple built in her honour.  Athena is associated with owls, olive trees and swords and spears.

The archetype that runs through Athena to me is one of initiation – a Goddess who wants us to ripen into our potential, grow, expand, and become fully aligned with our whole soul truth. Not unlike the Creator Destroyer Preserver, she will come back to us again and again in habits and patterns that keep us from shining our light – until we say yes to the expansion she challenges us with. She will not be dismissed by any uncomfortability we may need to experience.  She is focused only on the desired outcome of us finding our truth, and while compassionate in nature, she is also wildly determined to ensure we meet that truth with full clarity.

This Sacred Priestess Circle will see us connect with the power of the Goddess Athena and what she has to teach us about facing our truth and what we are being called to be initiated into at a deeper level.  We will journey into her colour frequency of initiatory purple and be challenged with searing soul questions and uncovering the truth of what our soul wishes to speak – all with heart stirring music to listen to and olive goodness to taste!  This is a Sacred Priestess Circle that will (as ever) be loving and supportive – but also searing and challenging.  You have been warned!

The Sacred Priestess Circle: Goddess Athena will take place in Highett, Melbourne, 7-10pm on August 24th 2017.  Tickets will be $35.00 plus gst and limited to 10 people only.  All details will be sent post purchase including what to bring to enhance your circle experience.

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UPDATE: All Goddess Athena Circle tickets sold out to newsletter subscribers in less than an hour of them being on sale.  Thank you to everyone!