I recently had the joy of being invited to speak at RISE by Soul Sister Circle in Sydney and it truly has been my favourite speaking event this year.  It was richly steeped in the Divine Feminine and sisterhood and was a magical experience from beginning to end.

I love the work that Soul Sister Circle are doing in the world and was touched to listen to the founder Bec Van Leeuwen share how when she started practising as a life coach she felt isolated and lonely in that work, becoming increasingly drawn to wanting to meet and spend time with other soulful women.  Alas when she went searching for where these women might be gathering – she couldn’t find them.  And so she did what all amazing Priestesses do – she created the container for that transformation herself.  Soul Sister Circle now regularly runs amazing events that bring women together in love, friendship and connection and couldn’t we all as conscious women do with more of that in our lives?  Yes please!

Rise Soul Sister Circle

The evening started with Dr Danielle Arabena who opened our hearts with her drumming, positive affirmations and guided eyes closed journey into the underworld, returning again to celebrate the special time of the Spring Equinox of when we were gathering.  I then had the pleasure of speaking with my wonderful friend Megan Dalla Camina who has recently co-authored an incredible book called Lead Like A Woman.  It’s a must read for any woman exploring the topics of feminine leadership, career and business.  We spoke together on the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in our modern times, how we can embody Her more in our everyday lives and the challenges we all face as women now having lived for so many generations in a patriarchal society to a beautiful, generous and mirthful collective of women.

Looking out at them as they sat amongst twinkling candles, flowers and a living mandala – and later as we listened to the incredible Morgan Joanel sing to us – I was struck by the beauty of how this used to be the way that women gathered in years past with reverence for the seasons, the cycles, their Goddesses and most of all each other.  It was a sight to not only behold – but feel – at a soul and cellular level.

And so I leave you today with the heartfelt knowing that women are beginning to gather in circle again all over the world.  They are meeting in person like at Rise by Soul Sister Circle and also virtually online.  They are doing so with old friends, new friends, and solo with the courage required to meet friends to be.  And so if you have been craving a new type of sisterhood and feminine connection not just to yourself but others know that the right collective of Goddesses is out there for you.  If you’re yet to find them – keep searching.  Sometimes what we most need or even desire does not come to us easily or immediately.  Sometimes we have to have patience and belief that the right time is the right time, whenever that may be.

And if your search continues past where you believe it is meant to go maybe take a beautiful leaf from Bec’s book and start your own.  Just think for a moment how amazing that could be?

To see more beautiful images of the Rise by Soul Sister Circle event you can view their gallery here.  All photography including post image by Klee Photography.