Rebecca M. Farrar is an astro-priestess, wild & wise woman (aka witch), writer, lover, cosmic queen and earth indigo starchild.  She loves helping people find their special purpose and place in this magical, enchanted cosmos we call home.  Rebecca believes that by diving into the sun, moon and other planets we get a much larger picture of someone’s unique gifts and purpose for being here.

Rebecca has worked as an astrological apprentice, was a founding member of Burning Man’s first astrological camp and offers astrological guidance with a down-to-Earth approach utilizing studies on the evolution of consciousness and psychology. Her readings focus on the asteroids and attempt to increase our experience of enchantment and participation with the cosmos.

A former astrological apprentice, Rebecca M. Farrar believes that astrology is a LOT more than just our sun sign or horoscope.  Viewing astrology as a way to discover our true soul blueprint for being here on earth, Rebecca talks candidly in this Priestess Podcast episode about the power of the cosmos and beyond.