“Starting my business has been the most incredible experience and coaching with Julie was the catalyst.”

Before I started coaching with Julie I knew I wanted to leave my corporate job and follow my heart into a business that deeply fulfilled me; but it felt completely out of reach. I was stuck in fear and indecision until Julie said those beautiful words that changed my life course – ‘There will never be a right time (to take the leap).’

Julie was the perfect coach for me. I’d initially planned to stay for another 6 – 8 months in my job, but as soon as we began working together, I knew it was going to happen much sooner. Julie’s suggestion to put an expression of interest in my newsletter about my (yet to be created) coaching packages, instantly garnered me 30 clients. I resigned the following week. 

Starting my business has been the most incredible experience, and coaching with Julie was the catalyst. There’s been a complete shift in my energy. I’ve made peace with my fears and learned to trust my intuition and abilities. Everything I do comes from a place of self-empowerment. I’m now living the abundant, joy-filled, meaningful life I used to dream about! Thank you so much Julie, you are a rare sparkling gem and I’m blessed to have worked with you.

Rachel MacDonald

Business Coach