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My guest on The Priestess Podcast today is the beautiful and soulful top ranking podcast host, author and mindfulness expert Rachael Kable. Rachael discovered mindfulness at a time in her life when she was experiencing challenging thoughts and feelings that were taking her out of the present moment and either focusing on her past, or projecting her into the future and a space of being where things were even yet to happen. And if you’ve had thoughts like that then you will relate. I think we all can in so many ways. Rachael guides us today on what mindfulness is, it’s connection to self-compassion and our spirituality and how to gently begin to cultivate it. And slowing down as a part of this? Oh yes please.


Rachael Kable is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, published author, and host of The Mindful Kind podcast. With a background in psychology, coaching, and counselling, Rachael is passionate about empowering people to manage stress better and live more mindfully.