Priya LakhiAwakening Ananda

Potentially for the very first time, you are about to learn of the divine Sanskrit meaning of the word ‘Ananda’ – and in doing so your life may never be the same again. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Priya Lakhi, shares with us the meaning of this beautiful concept and what it has to do with our soul purpose, possibilities in life, embodiment of the present moment and awakening our own bliss. Priya does so in a way that does not bypass the messiness and sometimes challenges we all face in life, but in a way that is inspiring and hopeful. Listen ahead for the divine ‘field of possibility’ that can be your life and spiritual journey – your ‘Awakening Ananda!’

Priya Lakhi, the founder of Awaken Ananda, teaches a spirituality that no longer escapes the messiness of life – but embraces it as holy. After 15 years as a lawyer and professor, Priya became passionate about guiding others to remember the power within to be alive, connected and expansive. She has spent years studying ancient spiritual wisdom, how we hold trauma in the body, energy healing, and the quantum field, and has synergized those lessons into embodiment skills that empower women from the root to the crown, and beyond. Priya blends science, soul, and heart together with a simple, straightforward, and down-to-earth approach to empower women with fierce grace to actualize their sacred womanhood.