Julie Parker and Sora Surya No are Priestesses of the Goddess, sacred entrepreneurs, space holders and dear friends. Having sat in circle together for countless hours and spoken on international stages side by side, Julie and Sora are now the co-creatrixes of The Priestess Mistress Mind. This soulful 14 month online and in person journey is for any woman longing to uncover her own Priestess magick and gifts for her own spiritual guidance and in service to her wider community and the world as a whole.

Host of the Priestess Podcast Julie Parker and fellow Priestess Sora Surya No share their latest adventure together – The Priestess Mistress Mind. Learn all about the development of this divine and sacred experience and how YOU can be a part of it throughout 2017-2018, including incredible experiences in Victoria, Australia and Glastonbury, UK.