As any of you who have been journeying with me this year know, I have been on an intensive Priestess Pathway into the Divine Feminine and her many Archetypes and inspiring Goddesses.  It continues to be challenging, but also beautiful, enlightening, and exactly where I need and want to be right now. The most exciting thing is that I know there is so much more to unfold and come.  What that is I don’t know, but I’m learning to let go of the knowing and wanting to know – and just being and feeling into whatever is going to unfold.

When I first heard the word Priestess it lead me to the wonderful work of Elayne Kalila Doughty at Priestess Presence.  Divine timing was clearly on my side because I was able to sign up immediately for a series of free devotional dialogues Elayne had curated with Priestesses from around the globe. I was drawn into this incredible world of modern women living with ancient and Divine intent through their work as coaches, healers, alchemists, guides, oracles and so much more. I was struck by their incredible diversity of age, experience and culture and I felt incredibly blessed to be able to soak up their beautiful wisdom.

Priestess Presence

And it really was an easy decision for me to take the next step and become part of the Priestess Presence Online Mysterium.  It wasn’t really a decision anyway – rather the following of a calling. It was my first real deepening into of the greater feminine mysteries and it set me on the journey of remembrance as a Priestess and much deeper work.

I now feel it is only right for me to pass on to another sister the beautiful first experience I had on my Priestess Path.  And I am doing that by giving away a place in the next Priestess Presence Online Mysterium which is ‘Awakening the Mystery of the Sovereign Queen: Opening to the Heart of the Magdalene’.  This incredible 10 week online mystery school is worth $397 (early bird) and $597 (full price) and will see you receive and participate in live online temples, deepening practices with experienced Priestesses, beautifully designed handouts and videos and a live Facebook community lead by Elayne Kalila.  Throughout the Online Mysterium you will explore what it means to stand as a Sovereign Queen of love and self-love in your own life, embrace the power of presence and emptiness as you deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine within you, uncover your Priestess lineage, begin to heal wounds of separation you may have from your true self and so much more.

GIVEAWAY (NOW CLOSED): If you are called to undertake this amazing Divine Feminine experience (occurring from October 16th – December 18th) and would like to win a place in it please leave me a comment below sharing with me why you wish to win.  Please share your comments with me by 5pm AEST October 4th.

BONUS OFFER: As a proud affiliate of the Priestess Presence Online Mysterium if you decide the giveaway is not for you, (or you are not the blessed winner), and you wish to purchase the experience for yourself, if you do so using any link in this post between now and October 14th I will joyfully send you a deck of Sensual Seed Divine Feminine Oracle Cards. I use these cards regularly to deepen my connection to my Divine Feminine spirit and each card is beautifully illustrated and so rich in meaning.

Sensual Seed Cards

Here is that link again! 

All the best beautiful if you are being called to enter the giveaway or simply join this beautiful experience.  It was the beginning of a life changing path for me as it may be for you too.