The Divine Feminine archetype of the Weaver Dreamer tapped right into my heart when she asked me the powerful question of…

Am I the heroine of my own life?  And if not, whose life is it that I am caught up in?

The Weaver Dreamer sits in the web at the centre of the Universe, weaving her reality gently but powerfully.  Her role is to awaken the conscious dreamer within us not just for ourselves but for the entire collective.

This archetype heralds a shift in my Priestess Path from that of solely being about the inner journey to also include more of my outer world. She instigates a movement from the personal to the collective, helping me realise that I (and we all) are being called to create a new reality of conscious creation.  My journey along the Priestess Path has made me so much aware of world and global issues that are crying out for Divine Feminine healing and I know there is much more of that to come.  Like so many others (and maybe you reading?) I am not prepared to only play a small role in conscious healing any more.  There is more to be done.  And it is one of my roles as Priestess to embody and bring that to life. That is and has to be a part of my spiritual commitment to myself and the world if I am to truly walk the path of Priestess.

Weaver Dreamer Archetype

The Weaver Dreamer in this temple has not only asked me – but I feel gently demanded – that I step into my full mythic story as a woman and of my and our creation. This is not any small ego story line that I may have previously held or believed I was about or was happening to me. She has called to me to ask myself who am I as a mythic character on an infinite stage.

What a question.

What a question I am still contemplating and allowing to unfold within me.

As the Weaver Dreamer, this feminine presence has let me know that we are all here to dream a new dream and help us understand the interconnectedness of all life. She wants us to question superficial perceptions of reality and reach for the Universal, inspiring us in her frequency of magenta and black.

The Weaver Dreamer light qualities live within me as a woman who is good at seeing the bigger picture and helping groups of people connect and thread together for common greatness.  And I feel within myself this is something I embody strongly and won’t ever lose in my life. However being called to step into being a visionary feels so vast.  So exciting – but so vast.

Can I really be someone who makes a true difference?  Will my contribution be worth it?  Will what I do be enough?

And I can see the irony of me even asking myself those questions to still mean that I have old and small stories of who I think I am to leave behind.  Ahhh…the constant status of work on oneself!  It truly never goes away.

The Weaver Dreamer has inspired me to know that I am being called to not only stand in reverence for my own dreams but for those of others as well. For all those of us who desire to raise the consciousness of the planet and live in a better world.

My small ego self would say ‘Let the work begin.’

My true and vast mythic self would say ‘Let the work continue.’

And so I continue.  And I hope you will too.