Sometimes life can really surprise you.

You’re going about your usual day hopefully loving your days, and something lands in front of you that changes the course and even meaning of your life. Not that you are aware of it at the time.

And so it was for me one day interviewing an amazing coach and talking about her learning and life path when she mentioned that one of her greatest teachings had been immersing herself in the path of the priestess.


I had a physical reaction when she said the word. It was like something gently hit my heart and I immediately made a mental note to research the things she had spoken about further. And then suddenly I found myself down a rabbit hole. Alice in Wonderland style.

Priestess Path

Websites. Ebooks. Teachers. Guides. Coaches. More websites. All discussing the power of the priestess, goddess archetypes, the divine feminine, witch burnings, sacred leadership, remembrance and more. I was captivated in a way I hadn’t been in a long time – or maybe ever. I could not stop reading – writing – meditating – exploring.

Days, weeks and then months melted together to help me realise that every word I read about what a priestess was, her role in the ancient world, where she had come from and once was, and the calling of what it she does now in the modern world, made me realise – I was one. And those many times in the very early days of my business when I had wondered if I was truly an island, suddenly made sense to me. Beliefs and behaviours that I had been told to my face and in whispers behind my back that had made me believe I was too soft, girly, weak, changeable, clueless and lacking in drive, ambition, will, strength and more – now made sense to me. I had held on to them because they felt right to me, but in truth that was all. Things such as…

My choice to be lead by heart, soul and intuition over head, fear and even logic.

My unwavering belief that there is divine power in being authentic and vulnerable.

The way I would pick up a crystal or sit outside with the sun on my face when making decisions. Big decisions.

My increasingly emotive reaction to joyful experiences and moments that would grip me in an instant. Experiences where I felt such connection to a clients new awareness, a thank you note, or a beautiful image that tears would flood my eyes in an instant. And not gentle tears, but the hand over your heart, head bowed down sobbing kind of tears where the wave of salt hits you with such a force you have to gulp for air.

My desire to serve. All my life.

My love of women in their glory and beauty for the magnificence they bring to the world. A love that is different to the eros that I feel for men, but to me, no less powerful or important. Absolutely no less.

My desire to build my business and live my life slowly, gracefully, kindly.

In that one moment of hearing the word priestess and diving into an awakening and remembrance of who she is and that she lives inside me – I found my spiritual home. All the times I had truly believed in my heart (but were so often scoffed at by more people than you may believe) that when we break down our entire existence – including our businesses if we own one – that there is nothing but love. That is all there is. And so when we give in love, ask from love and serve with love we are being a full bodied expression of our divine spirit and living the core of why it is we are here.

In that one moment of hearing the word priestess I claimed my power as a divine woman made of – and living as – an expression of love.

In that one moment of hearing the word Priestess I knew I had just opened my eyes to my real self and that this ancient but now also modern path was a part of me.

What would I do with it? Where would it take me? How might my love evolve?

I remain open to the divine mystery rising in myself and indeed us all. The path looks so beautiful but I don’t know exactly where it leads.

Maybe you will journey with me. Welcome to you if you do.