Raw. Unapologetic. Embodied. Free. The Primal Goddess who comes to us in forms such as the strong and liberated Lilith and the fiery Hawaiian Goddess Pele – is divine energy personified. She is in fact Shakti personified in the true meaning of the word.

This is not an energy that is delicate or light, sweet or demure. The energy of the Primal Goddess is wild, sensual, bold and coursing with fire and heat. She encourages you to let go of your more sweet or delicate side – your ‘good girl’ who may have been telling you for years how to sit, dress, make friends and be liked.

The Primal Goddess does not give a damn what anyone else thinks of her. She wants you to let down your hair. Break open the box you may have created for your self. And not give a damn what others think of you.

Most of all she wants you to be free.

Primal Goddess

I feel as though I have Goddess Kali to thank me for preparing myself to meet the Primal Goddess on my Priestess Path. If it had not been for getting over my fear of Kali as the Creator, Destroyer, Preserver the untamed energy of the Primal Goddess might have seen me shrink back and put her in the ‘That’s great but not me’ basket.

There is however a Primal Goddess inside all of us. Just as there is a Lady of Communion, Goddess of Love and so many other Divine Feminine archetypes. I would not have said before having my body warmed by the heat of the fiery orange of the Primal Goddess that she lived strongly in me, but I have surprised myself by how much connection and even fun I have felt engaging with her.

This would not have been the case when I was younger.

More years in this body, maturity about my relationships with others and a true releasing of people pleasing and doing things to get noticed by others, now sees me much more in this wild corner. Something I feel is very much a benefit of getting older – blowing the media myth out of the water that to feel sensual, strong and sexy you cannot be past the age of your quarter century!

One of the things I love about the Primal Goddess is that she feels deeply. This is not a thinking archetype. This is an embodied feeling archetype and if it doesn’t FEEL good to her – she’s out. A way of living I think we could all learn from and richly benefit from too if we have the courage to give ourselves permission to do so.

Along the way though, the freedom that the Primal Goddess wants you to have and feel comes with inevitable canyons to cross. Her shadow side is filled with fear, shame and guilt, especially relating to our bodies, sensuality and sexuality. All fuelled by thousands of years of patriarchy that in many instances has tried to tell women that our bodies are impure, dirty and not to be trusted.

The Primal Goddess’ role is to help you free yourself of such (totally wrong) thinking and feeling, and see yourself as uninhibited, alive, creative and ready to reclaim your full feminine freedom. She wants you to dance like no one is watching, skinny dip, ground your bare feet into the earth, howl at the moon, eat, get your hands dirty, take off your bra, have the sex you want and laugh at anything or anyone that tries to tame you.

She wants you to ask yourself – how do you compromise your freedom and hide your truth? And then set yourself free by speaking, breathing and living the core of who you are without shame or questioning. She wants you to know and be and feel real and uncaged. Like a woman totally alive. Like a woman totally in her body. Like a woman on fire.

Your Shakti or Divine Feminine energy cannot be denied. She lives in me. And She lives in you.

How much you tame, squash or dishonour that energy however is up to you. And in turn how much you uncage it and let it be wildly and instinctually free is also your choice.

What’s it going to be?

Free with me?


Let’s dance…