When I first started upon my priestess path I would often see the same image and have the same feeling wash over me most times I meditated.

I saw what I knew was myself – but my former self – always wearing white and always in crystal clear waist deep blue water. The water was fresh and at the bottom of a waterfall. Sometimes I was alone. Sometimes other women were with me. And the feelings that arose every time I saw myself in this way were ones of peace, calm, tranquility, connection and a quiet power that coursed through my veins and quickened my heart. I knew I was seeing myself as the priestess I once was.

And so when I began to immerse myself in the latest divine feminine archetype of my journey – which is the priestess archetype herself – I was touched to learn that her frequency is both deep sapphire blue and water. The element of water is the bearer of all consciousness within the spiritual realm and the priestess archetype helps us to move more slowly, deeply and with greater resonance and care in life. And I certainly know not just recently but for more than a year now, I have been gently and compassionately guiding myself to move throughout my day with much greater depth and gentle ease.

Less rushing and more mindfulness.

More calm and less chaos.

Less flurry and more flow.

And the result for me has been a much greater connection to myself. One where I am more in tune with my body and needs and I believe the needs of others as well.

Priestess Archetype

It is the primary function of the priestess to be an empty and static free station through which the frequency of divine resonance flows and the truth emerges. She is the vessel through which the wisdom and mysteries of the ancient world appear. And I am feeling this more strongly within myself every day. She also encourages us to release what is no longer of use to us and amplify our divine power in stillness. This is an archetype of slow and gentle movement where beauty, spiritual truth and connection can lovingly shine and be held in calm waters.

One of the opposite or shadow sides of the priestess archetype is perfectionism. And while I do not consider myself to be a woman who is cloaked in a perfectionistic mindset, I do feel as though I need to work on the level of control I sometimes crave in my life. And I can absolutely see how in many ways that is a form of perfectionism. A desire to do too much myself, (because no one can do it like or better than me…hello ego!), be in front, monitor from the top and know every single nuance and why. And such desire for control I can see more and more does not serve me the way I thought it once did and so with the priestesses calm blue waters to guide me I am slowly trying to relax and release and surrender more to myself and my life and the unknown.

This is not easy.

To let go of so much doing and live with so much feeling.

However I choose to remember. To remember my role as a once gentle but powerful water born priestess who I now know is here to play a role through me in the modern world. The Divine flows through me from her.

If you are craving more soul connection and ease in your life there are millions of blog posts and online resources you can seek out that will support you. If there was one thing from me to you that has the most capacity to guide and help you though, it’s this…

Slow down.

Be still.

And let the space you create in that stillness be the empty vessel, chalice and new home for your intuition, soul’s whispers and the self-love you so richly deserve.