I always knew that the Goddess energy and divine frequency of the Muse Archetype in her luscious turquoise and airy nature was going to be fun to party with along my Priestess Path. What I was not expecting was for her to uncover such a tender and vulnerable side of me as well. And thus the beautiful surprises and revelations of what it means to be walking this path continue to reveal themselves to me.

The Muse is a Goddess archetype that is all about not taking yourself too seriously. She is very different to someone like the Creator, Destroyer, Preserver and even the Priestess archetype herself. And this is of course so needed for us as women, because we are far from one dimensional and have so many needs and nuances; sometimes as much as on a daily basis.

I always genuinely have felt as though I have a playful, warm and engaging sense of humour, and in some instances have even been called and known to be funny and entertaining, especially when I am public speaking. It is a spark I feel when on stage almost to the point where an impish little girl awakes in me and a cheekiness and playfulness is called out to play. It’s no wonder I love speaking so much.

Muse Archetype

The Muse Archetype encourages us to be wild, free, creative, spontaneous and even outrageous. She wants us to reclaim that part of ourselves that is eternally playful, glittery and sparkly, like so many of us were when little girls. And even for us to find that part of ourselves that can find incredibly creative and ‘outside the box’ solutions to problems and issues. She is free and untamed in her expression. Fearless in what she wants to feel. Dynamic in how she wants to be. Widely open in where she will go and what she will do in pursuit of happiness, and joy.

Sounds divine doesn’t it?

And of course it is. But divine does not necessarily mean ‘easy’ and the Muse Archetype energy is not one that I believe any woman embodies without asking themselves some big questions. This is of course more than ok and I have found myself deepening into these questions below on my own path. Maybe you need to ask them of yourself too?

  • Do I really need to take myself and what ‘I do’ so seriously?
  • When was the last time I just played and for no reason?
  • What am I prepared to do to release anything that holds me back from being fully creatively alive or where I have fear of being laughed at, looked at critically or ridiculed?
  • What do I hold on to too tightly?
  • How does perfectionism and black and white thinking stop me from seeing glorious colours, nuances and people I may not usually see?
  • What level of vulnerability am I prepared to wrap myself in to live a life in full creative and playful flight?
  • How does my inner child need to be loved, nurtured and tended to so I can reclaim my innocence and sense of playful joy?

I have been asking and leaning into these questions to truly let the Muse sprinkle her magic on me. She is here to inspire me to shine and bring to life the question “What if anything was possible?” She has challenged me to stop being so safe. To disrupt my systems. To let go even further what others may think of me and as my dear Priestess Guide Kalila says “Discard it into the glitterati.”

Picture that for a moment.

Just casually tossing or sprinkling or blowing away “into the glitterati” all that does not serve you and holds you back from being your most free, fun, creative and beautiful self. To let the Muse take into her billowy frequency of air and magic all that stops you from sparkling, allowing you to step into your heart centre of vulnerability and being fully seen in all your creative and playful magic

So divine.

So still working on.

You too?