Coming into the frequency of the Lady of Communion I did not have strong feelings about Her in any considerable way. Not like the Creator Destroyer Preserver or even The Great Mother who I equally feared and embraced before deepening into their archetypes. She was waiting for me in the distance, knowing all along I needed to work with Her at a much deeper level, but being aware that I myself did not know that yet. And I am glad She didn’t give up on me until we came together because I think She may be the archetype who has thus far in my priestess journey taught me the most.

The Lady of Communion is the sovereign queen and a spiritual warrior, often represented in the Greek Goddess Artemis. She is a protector and lives in communion with all living beings including plants, animals, trees and fish. She radiates the message that we are not separate, but are a part of all life, intimately connected to Gaia, especially in the rich colours of green and gold.

Lady of Communion

Most of all the Lady of Communion represents sovereignty and authentic power, asking us to look deeply at what we are manifesting and creating in harmony with our feminine and masculine sides – which we all have. She is the gateway that asks us us to rebalance our masculine and feminine for our own evolvement and also for the evolvement of the planet as well. She calls us to awaken our own seat and throne of power and act as an integral agent of divine manifestation. To look deeper beyond just what we do to really think about what motivates us? What are we creating with our presence? Or lack of? Where do we own our power? Where do we cower?

The Lady of Communion has helped me to understand that I need to take greater responsibility for the reality of which we are all living in which, let’s face it, is not always the world we dream of for ourselves with so much hunger, violence, displacement and destruction. She has also taught me that I have a long way to go before I am fully released of my ego when it comes to my desires to be seen. This is not easy work for me or I would hedge for any of us, especially those of us who may own an online business.

It is more than challenging in this modern world to not be seduced by likes and hearts and comments and sign ups and yeses, into thinking them more than they really are. We cannot turn away from them. Fact is, as an online business owner we all need people to see us. If they don’t we cannot serve them, and our businesses and abundance cannot grow. However the Lady of Communion has taught me that my desire to be seen is more than just this, it is in fact a part of me not being as sovereign as I could be, and more reliant on the actions and responses of others than I should be.

Instead of having a vulnerability hangover about this as I may have in the past – I am deeply excited by it. I am finally feeling as though I am at a place where my ego is being peeled back with more love and intent to be revealing the deeper essence of who I really am. I am starting to see my shadow and ego self for what it really is and for what it has both given me and taken from me too. This is the deep work and calling of the priestess. To walk this earth in devotion to ones true self and spirit. Not the one constructed around us through egoic thoughts and fears. The one where I see my own true power and those of others with no diminishment. And so right now I am leaning into the work of knowing that..

I am sovereign

I am divine

I am a warrior

I am called to be in love for myself and others

I am called to think less and be more

I am called to not look to others for what is real and true

I know my own essence and eternal self

I am willing to sit in the seat of my own power and sovereignty


The heart of being a sovereign woman is about taking full responsibility for my life. No externalising or blame to anyone else for anything else.

Imagine that for yourself for a moment. Full responsibility. Total ownership. No blaming of others for any reason. No seeking of validation, just a deep knowing of your own power and eternal divinity.

How powerful. How beautiful.

Like me, are you a work in progress when it comes to being a sovereign woman? Have you ever given thought to where you give your power away? Are you quick to externalise blame and fear onto others when things are not going your way?

Welcome warrior if these questions call to you and this is something you are working on for yourself. May you see yourself in your own power. Always.