Those of you who know me well, or even have spent some time here at my website, know that my favourite colour is pink. And if you were to ask my Mother she would tell you that despite not being a ‘Barbie girl’ or ‘girly girl’ at all, that is the way it has been since I was little. I’m not sure if you feel very connected to a colour frequency in your own life, but for me, my ‘relationship’ with the colour pink is a really special one and embracing and owning my connection to it has I believe helped build the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and the now intensely rich and vibrant feminine frequency I feel coming through in all my work.

When I see the colour pink from soft blush through to hot magenta I am instantly drawn closer into the hue of her world. Pretty much pink anything makes me feel happy, joyous and beautiful. Flowers especially. Pink flowers to me are the most heavenly of all nature’s gifts and I don’t ever want to think about having a garden without them.

And so it is no surprise to me on my Priestess Path that the Goddess of Love in her frequency of pink was a Divine Feminine archetype that I felt truly drawn to. She who comes to us as the luscious and feminine Goddesses of Aphrodite, Venus, Lakshmi, Lalita and Freya; all of whom are seen as guardians of the heart, overflowing with love, tenderness and sensuality. And just to add to the power of the connection her for me – the symbol of the Goddess of Love is a pink rose and her crystal rose quartz.

Priestess Path Goddess of Love


These Goddesses are my home girls. My Priestess squad.

The Goddess of Love calls to us in every day life to beautify things around us and be open hearted in the way we relate to others and see the world. Being surrounded by things that feel and look beautiful has always been important to me. This is not just because of what things look like at a surface level, but because of the way they contribute to my life. Fresh flowers at my desk, glowing candles, inspirational prints, soft cushions, pretty notebooks, crystal jewellery – all of these things and so much more prompt connection, creativity, aliveness and inspiration within me. They play a role in how I live my life every day. You too?

There is also great healing that the Goddess of Love calls upon us all as women to work on. And I think her role in our modern lives is a profound one where we all still have so much work to do.

Within Greek mythology the Goddess Aphrodite was ‘chosen’ by Paris over Hera and Athena as the most beautiful of the three in what can essentially be seen as the first ever ‘beauty queen’ contest. This choice of Aphrodite created far rippling effects of jealousy, comparison and competition not just amongst Aphrodite, Hera and Athena, but  amongst all women. It created separateness, disconnection, and judgement from woman to woman. And I think if we are all lovingly honest with ourselves we can see that this separateness still permeates our our lives today. So often we see other women as better than we are. More beautiful. More worthy. And forget the inherently unique and incredible beauty that resides within us, and that there is no need for separateness or judgement or comparison of any kind.

And so this is the work of the Goddess of Love as we embody her today. To embrace her light qualities of sensuality, aliveness, ecstasy and beauty and presence, and then learn to love and work with her shadow qualities of envy, comparison, emptiness and manipulation. She calls us to bring together these lights and shadows with an elixir of love until there is no separateness within us. Only love. To receive and give, and receive give, and receive and give, until there is a seamlessness within us where there is no receiving and giving, but rather a whole circle of never ending love that is the core of who we are. So powerful. So beautiful.

The Goddess of Love calls us to ask ourselves…

How can we open our hearts even wider in life?
Where is there beauty that we are not seeing?
Where can we beautify things to make them more alive and gracious to us and others?
How can we deepen into the love we have for ourselves?
How can we show ourselves deeper levels of compassion, gentleness and tenderness?
How can we give up the practice of comparing ourselves to others in full recognition of our own beauty?

With these questions and callings I have come to realise that the Goddess of Love is as relevant today as she was when Aphrodite was resplendent in her long curls and white dress. She lives within all of us, and Her call today is strong to heal the rifts that exist firstly inside us, and then amongst all women in the media saturated and narrowly defined cultural beauty norms we live within. She is inviting us to break free of these norms in full embrace of who we are and with full embrace of other women doing the same.

I’m up for Her challenge.

I hope you are too.