I am here. I am not here.

It is the end. It is the beginning.

After journeying through thirteen temples over the past year with Priestess Presence I am now at the final gateway of the Alchemical Goddess; she who is the face of all Goddesses. The shape shifter and rainbow serpent that represents all.

In every temple on my Priestess Path where I have sat with Kali, Artemis, Hecate, Aphrodite and more, I have negotiated with my ego being, deepened into my soul presence and learned to honour and accepts the gifts I have been given. I have been alchemically expanding to reach this very moment and time in my life.

The Alchemical Goddess is a Divine Feminine archetype of celebration, change, transformation, intimacy, availability and wholeness. She encourages us to be a vessel to all archetypes and Goddesses as we and others need them. To flow through frequencies in ways that will better serve us to be whole and to deepen into empty presence so we may serve others too. This is the deepest calling and work of the Priestess. Empty presence. The degree to which I am free of static and ego noise and the degree to which I am fluid and can allow the Goddess to flow through me.   The degree to which I can let things in and let things go.

Priestess Path Alchemical Goddess

The shadow of the Alchemical Goddess is stagnation and attachment. Things that I – and I know we all – experience from time to time.  When I become so fiercely attached to wanting something – a particular outcome, a way for something to go, a feeling – I know that so often it doesn’t eventuate the way I want it to.  Or I miss the beauty of the journey it took to get there.  Or it comes to me in another and maybe even better way, but my attachment to the old does not let me see that.  Since embracing my Divine Feminine nature with wholeheartedness I can truly say that this shadow inside me is reducing.  The power of surrender, flow, letting go and release has been shown to me over and over again that She cannot be denied.

The Alchemical Goddess is represented by the rainbow serpent and she encourages us to dance, let go and release.  As the integrated balanced and whole image of the Goddess she is unified consciousness, illumination, remembered and awakened. She is a rainbow.

I have come to deeply learn and love that all we do in the process of our spiritual ‘work’ is the raising of our vibration.  All the journeying and remembrance I have been deepening into as a Priestess this year has been for this.  To learn what raises me and what lowers me?  Where am I stuck and where am I free?  Where am I a Queen and where am I a slave?  Where I am expansive and where am I small? Where am I dark and where am I illuminated?  Where am I fear and where am I love?

And it is in the raising, freedom, Queendom, expansion, illumination and love that I am a Priestess. An earthly woman vessel for the Divine. I heard the call and chose to walk with Her.  And now I will never leave her side.  As I know she will not mine.

I know that I can raise my vibrational energy at any time – as can you – no matter what is happening around me. There is a lot of darkness in the world right now.  And I choose not to ignore or pretend it is not there, or not do anything.  However it also does not mean I have to focus on it. The Alchemical Goddess chooses to bring the light here now and to be a Priestess of this lineage means I am choosing to be in empty presence in any moment. To be what is required.

And what is required right now is for me to be present and to be presence. To love and be love.

This is the work.

To transmute over and over again and be more light and in empty presence for others. This is my work as it has been revealed to me since choosing to walk the rest of my days as a Priestess.

Thank you for witnessing me dear sister.  Throughout this incredible year for me and hopefully beyond.

May even the smallest of my reflections and deepening journeying, open your heart to your own magnificent love in some way.