The Priestess Podcast is my sacred gift to you and the world. My labour of love to bring you the most incredible and life affirming guests and topics to inspire you on your spiritual journey in life and business.


Guests have included best selling authors Rebecca Campbell, Melissa Ambrosini and Alana Fairchild, High Priestesses Kalila Sofia, Sora Schilling and Anahita Joon Tehrani, sacred activists Sharyn Holmes, Leesa Renee Hall and Sonali Fiske, sensuality guides Rosie Rees, Ev’Yan Whitney and Arielle Loren, soul business mentors L’Erin Alta, Kemi Nekvapil and Sarah Jenks – and so many more.

We explore topics ranging from sacred leadership to shamanic medicine, white supremacy to witchcraft, mindset to magick, patriarchy to personal power, indigenous wisdom to intuitive living, soulful business to sensuality.

The Priestess Podcast consistently sits in the top ranked spirituality podcasts on iTunes globally. Thousands of regular and devoted listeners have downloaded hundreds of thousands of episodes.

I lovingly invite you to tune in to The Priestess Podcast with new episodes for your enjoyment bi-weekly. Thank you from my devoted heart to yours for listening in.


“Absolutely love listening in and filling the cup, such a beautiful host with amazing guests. Insightful, inspiring & real. Thank you! “
Sarah May Hutch, Australia

A Favorite

“This is one of my favorite podcasts. It is the perfect length for me to keep up with and Julie brings on such inspiring guests. I always go away thinking!”

One of a Kind

“I listen to a lot of podcasts. An embarrassingly lot, to be honest. But The Priestess Podcast is one of my absolute favorites. Julie has raised my awareness in so many ways and introduced me to so many new perspectives by sharing her own views, as well as those of the guests she invites on the show. This podcast is my weekly happy place – the music at the beginning, Julie’s soothing voice, the amazing topics and guests – a veritable gift to every listener who tunes in!!!!”
D Marie, USA

I love this!

“Congratulations Julie on a wonderful soulful podcast. There is so much to dive into, its my perfect ‘me time’ escape.”
HM Aust, Australia

Fearlessly Feminine

“Julie and her stellar guests shine the brightest of lights on what it means to be a female manifesting your own future! Bold, insightful, and nourishing are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Julie – keep up the great work! “
Katie Joy, USA

Topics you want to listen to!

“I love the energy and people Julie brings on to her podcast! Every conversation is delightful and capturing! This is a podcast you should be already subscribed to! Thank you for showing up!”

Cassie Allure, Canada

I have binge “listened” multiple times!

“This is my favorite podcast!! And I’m a podcast junkie. I love the topics, and I have had massive lightbulb moments with my own Priestess journey! I love your work.”
Andrea Arledge, USA

Love this!

“I love this podcast, Julie is fierce, bold and not afraid to address big issues. So much respect and love. I always learn so much in each episode, even the ones where I’m not sure about the topic or guest, I’m pleasantly surprised. I never miss an episode. Thanks Julie.”
Merebeconcini, New Zealand


Truly thought provoking and inspiring!

“I‘ve been learning so much since I started listening to Julie‘s podcast. She and her wonderful guests have helped me tremendously to explore and express my own way of spirituality. In addition to that, I feel that this is one of the leading podcasts that contributes a lot to the unraveling of white supremacist structures in the spiritual and non-spiritual world. Thank you, Julie. “
Christina Hörtzu, Germany


“You teach me over and over again what it means to be a modern day priestess and love warrior. Before I found your work I thought the goddess was only about dancing underneath the moonlight in velvet. You have taught me that it is SO much more than that – that that is the fuel to fire up our souls so that we can show up in the world and do the work of dismantling the systems of oppression. Your podcasts are so full of wisdom, tools, and KNOWLEDGE! “
Mallory Bales, USA

Highly Recommend!

“I love this podcast and adore Julie’s approach, peaceful and intrigued. She asks the best questions in the most thoughtful and respectful way. My soul loves this podcast as it opens me to so many things I would never have known. Love your work Julie.”
Katie Hoodless, Australia

Deep and Soul nourishing – One of my Faves!

“The Priestess Podcast is simply one of my favorite spiritual podcasts. Julie is such an incredible host always asking her guests the best questions, allowing their wisdom to truly flow. I listen to them in the car, when I work or just on a regular day. – and for me, I’d be happy to welcome longer episodes. “
Maria E, Denmark


“Such a pleasant host. I enjoy your voice and warmth. “
Clara Hahn, Germany

Thank you

“My soul soaks up your podcast like a happy dog in the sun. Thank you. Such magic, such insight, such brilliance. “
Kim Mama G, Australia

A must-listen!

“Thank you Julie for such beautiful podcasts that I always look forward to. Your guests are so diverse and interesting and I find your interview style to be warm, funny & relaxing. So great! ️ “
Emma Rose, UK

Beautiful, Insightful, Conscious

“This has easily become one of my favorite podcasts! Every guest is a beautiful soul who I learn a lot from and it’s probably because Julie, the host, is a gorgeous soul who knows how to ask just the right questions. This is a wonderful SOULcare podcast to listen to every week. “
Cameron Airen, USA

Love your podcast!

“I came across your podcast in the itunes store and wow! I am so grateful to have stumbled across you! I love your essence and the topics you speak about. Thank you for sharing such valuable people with the world and bringing together women from around the world! Keep up the amazing work!”
Bec Chap, Australia

Insightful Amazing Podcasts

“Thank you so much Julie for these beautiful Podcasts. I loved the Clairvoyant Jessica Reid podcast she described the unseen experiences so accurately that would be so so beneficial for your listeners to understand. What a beautiful gift Thank You.”
Buffy, Australia

Nourishing and soulful

“The beautiful conversations on this podcast will have you feeling nourished and inspired. Julie is a generous host with a lovely interviewing style and I love how thoughtfully she selects her diverse and enriching guests.”
Elly Baxter, Australia

Empowering and Inspiring!

“I am so glad I discovered this podcast- what a blessing! Julie has such grace with her interviews. The content is Awesome and so supportive to me in these healing/transformative times. Thank you Julie.”
Mary Isis, USA

Beautiful Conversations with Amazing People

“What a beautiful podcast with interviews that have allowed me to expand my knowledge into all things Priestess.”
Sparra, Australia


“This is my absolute favorite podcast! So many different interesting topics and wonderful guests. And Julie, the host, is so wonderful! After you’ve listened to an episode I promise you that you will be in a great mood and feel really inspired. Thank you Julie!”
Victoria, Sweden

Soul affirming, practical and fun all at once

“Every episode delivers so much wisdom. For anyone looking to explore the divine feminine, soulful business and living with grace this podcast is for you. Thank you Julie for an incredible show filled with juicy interviews with incredibly soulful women.”
Siobhan Barnes, USA

Such inspiring and heartwarming conversations

“Thank you Julie and your guests! I find with each episode my heart opens. Thank you for reminding us all about our inner wisdom and beauty.”
Jasmine Cooper, Australia

A Beautiful Gift for Your Soul

“The Priestess Podcast is one of my all-time favorites. Every episode feels like a nourishing gift to my soul. I am so thankful to Julie Parker for providing this platform where we can go to learn more about the many aspects of the divine feminine. It’s stretched and expanded me in so many ways.”

Great resource!

“Although I was raised pagan in a goddess tradition, I have drifted away from that over the past several years. The Priestess Podcast has helped awakened my passion in the divine feminine as well as my interest in soulful business. “
Tofu Goddess, USA

Thank You!

“Julie, thank you for your beautiful podcast. I have loved every episode I have had the pleasure to listen to. Always insightful, thought provoking & authentic.”
White Feather Guidance, USA