Pia Gaia

Priestess Pia Gaia was raised in Goddess community by her two mothers, inspired by this she perhaps was always destined to be a creatrix of Goddess and earth based spiritual projects. At 21 she moved to the UK to initiate as an Avalonian Priestess of love and land through the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Magdalene Mysteries School. After studying sustainability, eco-village design and permaculture courses at spiritual and intentional communities around the world. She’s now returned to Melbourne to co-found ‘the Gaia Temple’, Melbournes first venue dedicated to spirituality, ecology and community, due to open soon.

In general whenever I have thought about Goddess Temples, visions of the ancient world have come into my minds eye from places such as Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia and Crete. Thinking about a Goddess Temple in modern times was not something regular for me until I had the experience of going to one in Glastonbury in 2019. It’s challenging to describe how truly special it was to walk into a physical space entirely devoted to the Goddess; a haven of beauty, wisdom, devotion and spiritual guidance there for the greater good of all. And so when I learned that an incredible group of people were renovating a very special space right here in my home town of Melbourne, Australia, I could not get my special guest on the show today quick enough. Priestess Pia Gaia has grown up in a world entirely surrounded by the Goddess and she, along with a group of devoted humans, are creating a Goddess Temple in Melbourne devoted to The Great Mother. Pia shares with us today the journey to making this space happen and how it still continues now. If you’re as inspired as I am from listening to Pia, you’re going to be putting it on your must do list of spiritual places to visit very soon.