Phoebe Mwanza is a human rights lawyer and the host of The Griot Podcast. Phoebe has worked in the social justice and human rights space for more than a decade including a stint at the UN. The Griot Podcast is available weekly on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and Stitcher. The Griot Podcast is a social, political and spiritual commentary examining the issues confronting the world through the eyes of Phoebe, The Griot. Infused with humor and personal anecdotes, the podcast helps us understand, reflect and confront the issues facing humanity through the art of storytelling.

Love. That’s what my guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Phoebe Mwanza – believes is the deep connection and link between our spirituality and social justice. A human rights lawyer, social justice advocate and podcaster, Phoebe, as an African Australian woman, carries in her heart a lifetime of experiences that have lead her to a place of being passionate about supporting and speaking up about important social and political issues that need to be more widely addressed. Phoebe shares with us in this episode how her spiritual re-awakening in her 30’s ignited this passion and how we can all do better as human beings for each other at both a soul and embodied level.