I know that many of you who listen to The Priestess Podcast do work as space holders and may even consider yourself a healer or part of the healing spectrum of professions. And that means your relationship with yourself and your own healing path is of vital importance to everything you do. My guest today – the truly incredible Onyi Love – is devoted to helping other healers heal. Onyi’s perspective on perfectionism, precision, wholeness and loving and owning all of who we are is breathtakingly powerful. This episode for anyone who holds space for others, is a permission slip from the Universe for all you are right now and all you are becoming. Your present and future self and clients will thank you for listening and actioning this special transmission.


Felicia “Onyi” Richards (also known as Onyi Love) is a Healing Artist and Priestess and is a practitioner of Ifa, the indigenous cultural, philosophical, and spiritual system developed by the Yoruba people of West Africa. Modalities she utilizes include PureBioenergy, Sound Healing, Ritual and Ceremony. Onyi is initiated into the priestesshood of Ọṣun and Ọbatala. As an artist Onyi expresses herself through music, dance, reflective writing, storytelling and imagery. Through her brand and company ONYI LOVE, and in all she does, Onyi is dedicated to guiding people through their journey of awareness, self-love, and transformation.