Olana Barros is a Divine Feminine Light Leader, Clairvoyant Oracle and Evolutionary Author pioneering a new era of awakened women. Creatrix of her signature program for Light Leaders, “Divine Feminine Legacy – Love, Liberation and Leadership” was intuitively curated to deeply support and launch Light Leaders for an Awakening World. Three decades of spiritual leadership led Olana on an evolutionary path of Ascension Mastery. She facilitates deep, transformational breakthroughs that awakens empowered wholeness through connection with Higher Self. Olana and her beloved husband Kaimana of 32 years have four amazing children, ages 14, 23, 26  and 31.

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Olana Barros – is a truly special woman something that you are about to find out in our interview today all about life, living and legacy. In particular what Olana believes is your Divine Legacy.  This is one of those rich and soulful conversations that may just change your life. So often we think that to achieve a legacy or leave a legacy or mark of some kind that we have to do something extra-ordinary, something that makes us famous or impacts millions of people.  When in fact, if you believe or are about to believe for the first time, like Olana and I do, that such things are not at all required to leave a legacy. What is, is living your life to its fullest and in your own Divine truth. Every person who lives in such a way leaves a legacy.