Nikki Novo is a Cuban-American author, medium, energy healer, and spiritual mentor. A certified hypnotherapist, ThetaHealer(r), and Reiki healer, Nikki is the author of “Will I Be Alone Forever? And Other Questions You Wish a Psychic Could Answer.” She has been commissioned to speak and teach by organizations like Fordham University, The Standard Spa, Soho Beach House, Latinas Bloggers Connect, and Macy’s. Nikki has worked with brands that include Hilton Garden Inn, Squarespace, Clinique, and Equinox. As an expert in purposeful living, she has been featured in leading media outlets like Marie Claire, NBC,, and Telemundo.

Do you have a spiritual practice? Or desire to have one? Priestess Podcast guest Nikki Novo may just surprise you today on how gracefully and easeful it can be to develop one OR that you may even have a spiritual practice and not even realise it. Nikki also shares with us some loving insights into her Cuban background and how that influences her spirituality and connection to the Divine every day.