Nic is a coach, counsellor, speaker and facilitator helping men, women and couples revolutionise their relationships, to themselves, their loved ones and their world. He is most passionate about the evolving world of gender, sexuality and relationships and he is inspired to participate in leading edge conversations; to challenge the outdated paradigms and make way for a new emergence in the realm of love, passion and intimacy. Nic is available for consultation, retreats, group programs and speaking engagements.

The Divine Feminine is not only for women. It is in fact a very important topic of discussion for men too as we all try to find our way in life balancing our feminine and masculine sides. Coach and counsellor Nic Tovey shares with us on The Priestess Podcast today his personal journey with the Divine Feminine as a man and how it impacts his work with both men and women and his personal journey of ‘inner marriage’ and how it can be something we all commit to.