Niamh Cronin is an International Coach, Speaker, Intuitive Business Mentor and Thought Leader in the areas of Feminine Leadership and Transformation. She is founder of The Spirit Sisters Academy – Australia’s first academy of training programs, events and programs for awakening leading woman and fempreneurs. Her vision is to empower Leading Woman to awaken and to live and lead in true alignment with their purpose so they can create greater success and impact in their life and business.

She bridges the spiritual and business realms in a very grounded and tangible way and infuses her expertise in spirituality/transformation with business, sales and marketing & branding so that she can be a bridge for leading women to do the same. She is leading a powerful “new way” for woman to create more success and impact with greater ease and flow.

Surrendering and letting go of any desire to tightly control the outcome of our work, creative projects and even just life, is a very feminine way of being. So often in our modern world we want to know how everything will turn out and try to control things and we can lose faith in our soul path and the higher force of the Universe which is guiding us. In this episode of The Priestess Podcast Niamh Cronin shares with us her seven step process of the beautiful act of surrender and learning to tune in to the guidance of your soul.


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