Nehanda Yemaya Imana was born and raised in Zimbabwe, moving to Australia at the age of 21 to pursue what she thought would be a fulfilling career in Business Systems and IT. She was wrong and it became the darkest time of her life. 20kg overweight and suffering from depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, political trauma and stress, Nehanda was pushed to breaking point until she had no choice but to heal her life and find out her true path and purpose. She is now a Shamanic Healer, Priestess and Artist.

What does it really mean to be a Queen? The Queen of your own life, body, feelings, experiences, thoughts. And more. The Queen of it all. When we think about the Queen Archetype it’s easy to just see what is on the surface. Someone who is regal, a leader, confident, wears her crown with pride. But embodying the Queen archetype as my incredible guest on the podcast today Nehanda Yemaya Imana shares with us is so much more than that. Being a true Queen in our own life and world is all about taking full responsibility for who we are – who we are not – and who we are becoming. This undoubtedly includes all of our darkness and shadow. Those parts of ourselves that we would rather deny or push away. True Queens face up. Face in. And own all of who they are. May you, as you walk your own version of Queendom in your life – do all of these things – and more.


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